Thursday, February 22, 2024

Rescind Canada's euthanasia law as a social experiment gone bad

Dear Mr. Holland

Mark Pickup
Canada’s Medical Assistance In Dying (MAiD law has been a disaster for Canada’s disabled citizens. It was passed in 2016 but quickly morphed into something that targets people with disabilities who are not terminally ill. (This was expected, and the government was warned by disability groups before the law was passed.) The numbers of yearly killings continue to rise at an alarming rate. The MAiD law is, quite simply evil. See the link below to an article I wrote for the American publication The Human Life Review, titled: “Evil advances In increments”. (Link to article).

Rescind the law as a social experiment gone bad. The opening of the euthanasia net to include the mentally ill has been postponed twice (now it’s March 2027). Move the resources MAiD represents to affirmative action to improve the lives of the disabled.

After 8 years, the provinces know how much they have paid for MAiD. Take the varying provincial amounts off federal/provincial transfer payments and redirect it to positive solutions for life with dignity of Canadians with disabilities and their families. Thank you.

Mark Davis Pickup
Beaumont, AB.

Mark Holland is Canada's Minister of Health. 

This letter was reprinted with permission from  Mark Pickup.

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Margaret Welwood said...

Thank you. Please post any response you receive from the government.