Thursday, February 22, 2024

EPC-USA - Contact New York elected representatives to oppose assisted suicide bills.

EPC – USA needs you to Contact elected representatives or members of the respective Health Committee's that are considering New York assisted suicide Bills (A995/S2445).

Choose one or two of the following points to state why you oppose assisted suicide.

Some of the reasons to Oppose Assisted Suicide.

  • The Safeguards in the bill are part of a bait-and-switch tactic. Nearly every state that has legalized assisted suicide, soon after, expanded their law.
  • The data shows that it's not about pain, but the fear of pain, the unknown, or challenging depression or feelings of hopelessness. 
  • Not necessarily a peaceful death. The data shows that many of the deaths are painful and “burning” and often last a long time, with the longest recorded assisted suicide death being 104 hours. 
  • There are cases of Insurance Companies denying care. 
  • Studies prove that legalizing Assisted Suicide Spawns More Suicides and suicide attempts.  
  • Marginalized people understand how Assisted Suicide can be pressured upon them rather than actual care. 
  • As the cheapest state-sponsored “treatment,” assisted suicide diminishes patient choice and takes away patient autonomy. 
  • Mistakes, Abuse, coercion. Elder abuse is a common problem already and will worsen with death making. 
  • Assisted suicide combined with a struggling healthcare and home care system is a deadly mix for people who are economically poor, lonely, elderly, disabled, and historically marginalized in the healthcare system.

Contact Your Legislator

State Senate

NY State Senator contact information. (Link to the Members of the NY Senate).

NY Senate Health Committee: (Link to the Standing Health Committee).

State Assembly

NY State Assembly contact information (Link to the NY Members of the Assembly).

NY Standing Committee on Health:  (Link to the "Standing Committee on Health")

More information on this topic:

  • The assisted suicide lobby wants to legalize assisted suicide in your state and expand the law later (Link). 
  • The Nationalization of assisted suicide in America (Link).
  • Vermont assisted suicide deaths more than quadruple (Link).

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Elizabeth Nally said...

THANK YOU. As a #nurse I know we cannot accept this in NY. We are seeing the dangers with EXPANSIONs nearly everywhere that didn't realize the EXPANSION Goals of those pushing for Assisted Suicide as precursor to Euthanasia. Death and saving money for those with no scruples MONEY. NO Thank You