Thursday, December 14, 2023

BC Government expropriates property from Catholic hospital to build a killing center.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

On December 1, 2023 I reported that the British Columbia government is building a euthanasia center next to St Paul's Hospital in Vancouver in response to a complaint that palliative care patients did not have access to euthanasia at the Catholic hospital. 

For further clarity, the British Columbia government has expropriated property from St Paul's Hospital in Vancouver for the purpose of building a killing center next to the Catholic hospital.

Shannon Paterson reported for CTV news Vancouver on November 29 that:

The provincial government is constructing a new clinical space adjacent to St Paul's Hospital so palliative care patients who choose to undergo medical assistance in dying or MAID don’t have to be loaded into transfer vans or ambulances and driven elsewhere to get the end-of-life procedure.

On Wednesday, the province announced the construction of the new clinical space for MAID, which will not be part of the existing St Paul’s, but on adjacent property. It will be connected to the hospital with a corridor.

The BC Catholic published an article by Paul Schratz on November 30 explaining that:

The B.C. government rolled out a plan Wednesday to provide euthanasia and assisted suicide at St. Paul’s Hospital – by making it available beside the hospital.

The Ministry of Health announced it was taking over property beside the hospital to create a “clinical space” where St. Paul’s patients requesting euthanasia can receive it without having to be transferred to another setting.

In the announcement, the ministry said it has “directed Vancouver Coastal Health to take land next to the hospital and establish a clinical space and care setting for VCH use.”

The British Columbia provincial government expropriated property from St Paul's hospital in order to build a killing center because the Catholic hospital refused to participate in MAiD (euthanasia).

St Paul's Hospital in Vancouver experienced a similar fate as the Delta Hospice Society who were defunded and had their 10 bed hospice building expropriated in February 2021 because they refused to kill people by MAiD (euthanasia).

Considering the recent stories of people in British Columbia who received treatment in the US or died by euthanasia because they were unable to obtain effective treatment, the BC government should be ashamed by the fact that they have made it a greater priority to kill people than to provide treatment.

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Anonymous said...

Who owned the property beside St. Paul's Hospital? What is on that property? Had it been listed by a realtor? And lastly, why would St. Paul's allow a corridor to be built for access from the 'Death Building'? Thanks.

Alex Schadenberg said...

First of all, I rarely publish anonymous comments.

Secondly, I don't claim to have the information that you are asking I am only reporting what was stated by the article published by the BC Catholic.

Maybe the BC Catholic article writer would have more information.