Friday, December 22, 2023

Cuba quietly legalizes euthanasia.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Reuters reported on December 22, 2023 that Cuba quietly authorized euthanasia making it the second Latin American country to permit doctors to poison their patients to death upon request.

Marc Frank and Nelson Acosta reported for Reuters that:
The Communist-run country’s National Assembly passed the measure as part of legislation updating the nation’s legal framework for its universal and free healthcare system.

“The right of people to a dignified death is recognized in end-of-life decisions, which may include the limitation of therapeutic effort, continuous or palliative care, and valid procedures that end life,” the final draft of the legislation stated.
The Reuters report continued:
There was barely a mention in Cuba’s state-run media that the government would approve the practice, and no public debate, though Dr. Roque said that would change as regulations were drawn up.
I have not seen the language of the law, but I am very concerned. Cuba has faced serious economic stagnation over the past few years and euthanasia will save the communist government money for it's healthcare system.


gadfly said...

After all, they're a communist backed socialised dictatorship which still has an iron grip on its people. What could possibly go wrong? Interesting that they aren't promoting it though...

gordon friesen said...

Dear Gadfly: Alex's title says it all. The regime goal (as in Canada) is to profit from euthanasia, not to talk about it.