Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Delta Hospice Society continues to fight for safe places to die, even as the BC government moves to shut it down.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Delta Hospice Society continues to oppose MAiD (euthanasia and assisted suicide) being done within the confines of their Hospice, even as the British Columbia (BC) government ordered them to permit MAiD or lose their government funding. 

On February 24, 2021 the Delta Hospice will, in effect, be defunded by the BC Ministry of Health the Irene Thomas Hospice, that is operated by the Delta Hospice Society will essentially be expropriated by the Fraser Health authority.

In February 2018 the Board of the Delta Hospice Society was given an edict from Fraser Health to provide euthanasia (MAiD). At that time, the board of the Delta Hospice did not comply with the edict and continued its good work.

In December 2019, the Delta Hospice was ordered to provide euthanasia or lose government funding. The Delta Hospice refused to crumble under pressure from the government.

In February 2020, Adrian Dix, BC Minister of Health, gave notice that funding for the Delta Hospice would cease on February 24, 2021 unless the Delta Hospice changed their position and permitted euthanasia. The Delta Hospice refused.

The BC government continued there attack on the Delta Hospice Society even after the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association and the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians stated that: Euthanasia is not consistent with the philosophy, intent or approach of hospice palliative care.
* Sign the petition: Hospice organizations must NOT be forced to do euthanasia (Link).
The Delta Hospice Society is fighting for you.

Canada legalized euthanasia in June 2016 by passing Bill C-14. Bill C-14 did not require every publicly funded medical facility to provide euthanasia, it was the British Columbia provincial government that established a policy that all publicly funded medical facilities, except for those that are religiously affiliated, must permit MAiD, euthanasia and assisted suicide, on their premises. 

Irene Thomas Hospice
The BC government policy discriminates against people who want to be cared for in a euthanasia-free environment. The Delta Hospice Society operates the Irene Thomas Hospice which is located across the street from the local hospital. The local hospital provides euthanasia. People can die by lethal injection at the local hospital.

People who want to receive excellent care and die a natural death, without fear of being urged to consider euthanasia have been able to go to the Irene Thomas Hospice, but after February 24, there will be no safe space in Delta BC.

I am concerned for the many people who don't want euthanasia, but at their time of need have become so depressed or are experience deep transient feelings of hopelessness or despair that they request death by euthanasia. Some of these people are asked if they want euthanasia, while they are at their lowest time emotionally. These people need a safe place to die. A place where they will receive excellent care but not lethal injection.

This concern recognizes the humanity of the person. We all experience times when we feel that our life lacks purpose, meaning or value and yet we know that, with time, support and good community care, our deep dark time may pass.

We need safe places. This is what the Delta Hospice Society has been fighting for, this is a battle that effects everyone.


Unknown said...

All I want to say is, seeing as this is the year of St.Joseph, I believe if enough people PRAY to St.Joseph, everyday, HE will help. St.Joseph is the Saint to pray to for a Holy death. He will always hear & answer your prayer.

Charlene said...

Thanks Alex. I pray they get a generous benefactor that can sustain their work after the government pulls their funding OR they are granted an extension to see what else they can do. This is terrible.

Ron Panzer said...

The hospice is bravely remaining true to the authentic mission of hospice and palliative care which are never to hasten death but always affirm the value of the lives of those they serve! Euthanasia is antithetical to everything real hospice and palliative care are about.

The government's position reveals its actual evil and opposition to the culture of life and to God who gives us life. Euthanasia has no place in any healthcare setting. Killing is never part of caring for our patients!

Ron Panzer said...

We may wish to remember that in the late 1960s and early 1970s when the modern hospice movement was begun, volunteer hospice associations were the rule. Care was provided by physicians, nurses, and other volunteers without formal government recognition or funding.

When the government that is committed to the evil of euthanasia funds, they have the authority to cut off that funding and control the health care organizations/agencies that receive that funding.

In the United States, for example, Hillsdale College in Michigan has refused since 1844 to take any federal funding whether directly or in student aid, because they recognize that to take the funds means they will be controlled by the federal government. They have remained true to their mission of educating the students about the actual US Constitutional form of government, the recognition of human rights and respect for life.

Hospices in Canada will have to return to a partially volunteer form of functioning as well as returning to the nonprofit, donation-based method of funding their services. They may not qualify under Canadian law as a government certified "hospice" but they could provide services as part of regular healthcare to the ailing.

It is distressing that the government is so intolerant of those who affirm the value of life and refuse to kill, but it is the nature of the Canadian socialist government.

Gene said...

“all publicly funded medical facilities, except for those that are religiously affiliated, must permit MAiD, euthanasia and assisted suicide, on their premises. “

Why are they not considered Religiously Affiliated? How can the society become affiliated?
Gene Cyr

Addy said...

It is good that it has been out to the public to read this. Euthanasia is killing what God has created and the pressure to withhold funding to a place that provides care during the end of life, is terrible and very upsetting.

geardoid said...

I second Patricia's call for prayer to St. Joseph. So much of direst consequence is happening across Canada (eg the N.S. order against St. Martha's hospital) that we need in great numbers to beseech the great intercession of St. Joseph for God's mercy and deliverance of Canada from extremely evil times. And let us pray for the conversion of architects of euthanasia and assisted suicide like Jocelyn Downie. Through the dark light of these lost souls it has been seen necessary to silence the conscience of physicians, other health-care providers and caring institutions. Conscience is the most radically human thing about a person.

Alex Schadenberg said...

They have a secular constitution and they are not religiously affiliated. If they had been religiously affiliated they wouldn't have this problem, at least for now.

Anonymous said...

I understand that they have a secular constitution and are not currently religiously affiliated. However, I was under the impression that members, of which I am, would have a vote to change their status and become religiously affiliated. Has this vote taken place or is it still pending? Thanks for any clarification on this matter, Joanne

Alex Schadenberg said...

The meeting has not yet happened. The local euthanasia activists are trying to "take over" the Delta Hospice and due to the court proceedings the meeting date has been put on hold, for now.

Anonymous said...

Good day,

Thank you for your good work. For those who are seeking more information before consenting to sign the petition, please note the link : produces a "Page Not Found" ....