Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Food Bank clients asking for euthanasia because of poverty.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Meagan Nicholls who is a director of a food bank in Mississauga Ontario, near Toronto, wrote an article that was published by Maclean's Magazine on November 30, 2022 stating that:
“Clients are telling us they're considering medically assisted death or suicide because they can’t live in grinding poverty anymore.”
Nicholls states that demand on the food bank has increased by 60% since the pandemic. She stated that in the past they served 19,000 people per year and they are now serving 30,000 people per year. She also said that the increase in the cost of food has led to a 30% increase in demand for the food bank this year.

Nicholls then writes:
Meanwhile, the government has weakened our social safety net to a disheartening degree. At the provincial level, Ontario Works (our welfare system) and the Ontario Disability Support Program are woefully underfunded. We’re at the point where clients on these programs are telling us they’re considering medically assisted death or suicide because they can’t live in grinding poverty anymore. A client in our Food Bank 2 Home delivery program told one of our staff that they’re considering suicide because they’re so tired of suffering through poverty. Another client asked if we knew how to apply for MAID for the same reasons. We can’t underestimate the effect that poverty has on someone’s mental health. Our clients live with constant worry, and cut corners on needed items like medication, fresh food, or warm clothes—constantly living under that stress takes its toll mentally, emotionally and physically.

I don’t know how to ring the alarm bell any louder. When people start telling us they’re going to end their life because they can’t live in poverty anymore, it’s clear that we’ve failed them.
This is a significant article because Nicholls is genuinely shocked that people would be seking to be killed because of poverty. 

Since expanding euthanasia to people with chronic conditions who are not terminally ill, Canada has had a large number of euthanasia of people with disabilities who are asking to be killed because of poverty, homelessness and an inability to get necessary medical treatment.

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Vi said...

I am deeply saddened and furious whenever I read these stories of people who are not even terminally ill requesting to be KILLED by those [SAME] powers that be who do not give one flying fig about them!

It's those SAME [wicked] people who are increasingly [& PURPOSELY] destroying economies (worldwide) and people's will to live, in order to achieve their elitist [& horrifying] agendas of depopulation and complete control [over those who are left standing], via the coming Universal Basic Income (UBI) and AI, via the [soon to be forced] implanted microchip, under the guise of the Great Reset.

Sadly, people are just giving up and giving in/playing right into their hands and saying yes! Kill me! Kill me! Much to the perverse DELIGHT of those who have carefully planned this diabolical & systematic destruction and control of humanity all along! :(

Btw, these are the SAME [wicked] people [LYING servants of the DEVIL] who have been telling them [& us] for YEARS that our ALMIGHTY GOD/Creator and/or JESUS do not exist and the Bible is not real, via their constant mockery, blasphemy & attacks [in every way you can think of] against GOD/JESUS/the BIBLE.

As a result, all of that propaganda, brainwashing/indoctrination (via pseudo science, the media, the government, Universities, etc.,) and mockery has absolutely helped to KILL these people's faith and has rendered them hopeless, weak-minded, desperate and practically begging to DIE/to be KILLED by their very OPPRESSORS! Yikes! :(

Remember the DEVIL is a LIAR & the thief cometh not but to steal, kill and DESTROY us. [Joh 8:44, Joh 10:10]

The thing is...grinding and extreme poverty has been with us forever, but it's a fact that many people who have lived and/or live in extreme poverty who have FAITH, have not only survived [had their basic needs met] but, in addition they are [still] joyful, grateful & they [still] have HOPE no matter how great the struggle is or has been in their lives. To say nothing of those that have even overcome their circumstances and prospered! Glory to God! In addition, GOD is glorified through their FAITH, during their trials and He is absolutely faithful to the faithful.

In other words, GOD will make a way where there seems to be no way [possible] if you have faith/trust in Him. I should know! (: I have lived this situation [for various reasons] more than once during my lifetime [having absolutely NOTHING and not knowing what was going to happen to me next] and each time, my faith and GOD'S faithfulness during those trials/struggles GREATLY increased! (: To GOD be the glory forever and ever...Amen & Alleluia! [Matt 6:26-33]

Therefore [& most importantly], if we allow our faith to be squashed and killed [through unbelief]...we will have NOTHING left to look forward to, during times of trouble & uncertainty...except hopelessness, weakness, fear and frustration. Resulting in a desperate desire for DEATH and at the hands of our [very evil] oppressors, even! :(

Wisdom Hunter said...

Heartrending. Praying.

Anonymous said...

I Agree Vi