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Ontario Family Reeling from Loss of Love One.


Ontario Family Reeling from Loss of Loved One: 

When the Medical Community Abandons Power of Attorneys (POA) and Substitute Decision Makers (SDM), the Fallout Affects Us All

[Toronto, Ontario. December 24th, 2022] 

On June 4th 2022, Nicola Angelo Marchione, a Guelph resident, died shortly after his feeding tube was removed, without his or his decision maker/POA’s consent at a hospital in Kitchener, Ontario. Mr Marchione dialysis was removed earlier the same day, also without his or his family or decision maker’s (POA’s) consent. Multiple requests for Mr Marchione’s medical records, and information concerning why informed consent was not obtained from either him nor his POA, were never responded to, nor any information or answers provided since.

Following multiple visits to a hospital in Fergus, Ontario, from January to May 2022, due to shortness of breath, followed by medical issues related primarily to the change of his medications and side effects from these, Mr Marchione was admitted to hospital in March for feelings of increasing heart rate after a medication was stopped cold turkey. He was given a new medication called Amiodarone, a drug which has substantial and significant side effects, none of which were disclosed to Mr Marchione upon admission, nor to the family. After concerns over the effects of the medication, numerous attempts to speak to the specialist who prescribed it were made, however all contact and efforts were ignored. In May, Mr Marchione returned to the hospital with symptoms of his leg feeling weak, this was his final readmission there, only this time he would leave that hospital with septic shock and renal failure. 

Abandonment of a patient, neglect, lack of informed consent, ageism, elder abuse, etc., these are the matters under investigation in Mr Marchione’s death. Why were this man’s concerns or his family concerns never addressed? Why should citizens have advance Power of Attorney established only to be overruled by the doctor on call or medical specialist in charge? This case has too many unanswered questions. It has become apparent that the nurses and medical team resonsible are not responding to valid concerns or requests for information. This matter has been escalated to the Directors of both hospitals, Patient Ombusdman, Chief Coroner’s Office, and local Police athorities for active investigation.  

This is the lasting memory that Nicola Marchione’s family has of him: Unattended, abandoned to his medications, pulling at a Kleenex box in a state of shock and unrest while at the hospital prior to transfer. His final words to his family were, “I’m having trouble breathing, I think I’m going to die.” He was clearly experiencing distress. Mr Marchione’s family deserve closure: His spouse and children deserve answers, and the larger public community and concerned citizens deserve answers and those responsible need to be held accountable.

To speak to the Marchione family for comment in relation to this case and its details, please contact Angela Marchione-Faragher at 519-831-4377 or email: angiefilms@yahoo.ca for interviews and comments. Additionally, media inquiries can be made to Kathy Matusiak Costa at 519-439-6445 or email info@beingwith.org

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Patricia Bowie said...

Tragic! Poor man must have felt abamdoned by the health-care staff, and so helpless in his final hours. We castigate the Nazis for their abominations and cruelty, yet what are we doing ourselves to our most vulnerable members of society?