Friday, September 9, 2022

Alberta man requests (MAiD) euthanasia based on poverty

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Bridge City News published a video report of a Medicine Hat senior who is looking into medical aid in dying because of poverty.

The story concerns Les Landry, a disabled senior who is applying for MAiD because he is living in poverty. When Les turned 65 his disability benefit ended and his seniors benefit began. The problem for Les is that the seniors benefit is lower and it doesn't cover certain expenses that his disability benefit covered. Landry also lives chronic pain and he says that he lacks a quality of life.

I explained to Bridge City News that due to the change in legislation from Bill C-7, passed last year, Landry will possibly be approved for euthanasia.

Bill C-7 created a two-track law. A person whose natural death is deemed to be reasonably foreseeable has no waiting period, meaning they can apply for death and die the same day, while a person whose natural death is not deemed to be reasonably foreseeable has a 90-day waiting period before being killed by lethal injection.

Drew Barnes (MLA) Cypress Medicine Hat told Bridge City News that he has heard of several similar requests for MAiD.

I also explained to Bridge City News that the law requires that two medical or a nurse practitioners would have to agree that Landry's life is not worth living and if the medical or nurse practitioners are willing to do it the law allows them to cause your death.

Landry told Bridge City News that as his situation is right now, he is willing to die.

There have been several stories of Canadians with disabilities dying by euthanasia and many of these stories the decision to be killed was based on poverty.

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JungleJim 57 said...

I bet Trudope is chomping at the bit to kill this guy. I can understand his plight as I suffer from a work related injury as well. What a sweet deal for all the EVIL MURDERERS in political positions to start killing the people with no remorse. Got news for them. Because of their evil hearts, just like Sodom and Gomorrah they will be destroyed and gain NOTHING because they follow their father (SATAN) plan(s) for them. I pray they wake up before it's too late and their is no other option for them. Sad times we live in.

Concerned Legion Member said...

I am Les Landry and I was hoping when the federal Minister Carla Qualtrough read Bill C-22 (the bill to combat poverty with people with disabilities) she would have included all people with disabilities regardless of age.
When I heard her say this benefit will target "working age" people, I found out that all seniors with disabilities would not be part of Bill C-22.
I was hoping Bill C-22 would help lift seniors with disabilities out of poverty and it wasn't to be.
Considering I am starting to lose coverage on most of my medication such as replacing my pain medication with Morphin I can no longer live with this continuing struggle.
I am now 100% committed to following through with MAID.
Thank you