Friday, September 30, 2022

23-year-old scheduled for euthanasia on September 28 remains alive.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The 23-year-old (Kiano) who was scheduled to die by euthanasia on September 28 is alive.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition was instrumental in this first victory to prevent the killing of Kiano.

After speaking with Margaret Marsilla, the mother of Kiano (who was originally scheduled to die by euthanasia on September 22 and then rescheduled for September 28) I published an article titled: Mother wants to stop her 23-year-old son from being killed by euthanasia. (Link).

Margaret had started a petition. I asked her if we could republish her petition on CitizenGo, a petition platform that we have successfully launched other petition campaigns. Almost 10,000 people signed the CitizenGo petition.

Margaret told the media that the petition campaign was instrumental in activating people to stop the doctor and MAiD House from killing Kiano.

We originally did not publish Kiano's name because he asked his mother to keep his name private, but since then Kiano has used his name when being interviewed by the media.

But the battle is not over.
Margaret wants to prevent her son from being killed by euthanasia but she also wants to set a precedent that wrong approvals for euthanasia can be challenged. 

Since the government is treating euthanasia as medical treatment, then, in Ontario, challenges to euthanasia applications should be able to be reviewed before the Consent and Capacity Board, like other medical treatment disputes.

Linda Slobodian wrote on September 28 in an article for the Western Standard news Margaret as saying:
“We’re going to be fighting the Ontario health system to not allow any other doctors to perform euthanasia on my son.”

“We have to bring this to the Capacity Board, so he’ll be forced to do some testing with regards to his psychological capacity.”

Ontario’s Consent and Capacity Board, a quasi-judicial administrative tribunal, operates independently from the health ministry under the Health Care Consent Act’s authority. Marsilla’s also considering legal action against MAiD House and the doctor.

“This is going to be a big battle. I’m not going to give up my fight.”
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition told Margaret that we would help her in this process.

Kiano is alive, at least for now. This is great news. Our work with his Margaret has been successful and has made a difference. 

But the battle continues.


Sharon Danley said...

Excellent news. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great news, and excellent work so far. However the uphill fight will get more difficult once the so called maid for mental illness kicks in 2023. Fighting this through the Consent and Capacity Board is not enough.

Marlyen said...

Praise God this young man is alive and we pray rather than seeking to end his life he would seek to live his life.He is valuable and he is loved by his family but by his God who loves him and created him for life not to die from being killed by some demented government that thinking that killing your sick ,weak and vulnerable would be the answer for anything.It is shameful in this great country of Canada that we would even have such an evil practice let alone list it as health care .We can do better than offering death as a solution .You are loved you are Valuable you are made in the image of God and you were created for greatness.Call on the name of Jesus He will come into your life and give you a hope and a future.Jesu loves everyone with no exception and He died for everyone and He is longing to be your Saviour and your Lord don’t miss so great a salvation and don’t let anyone convinced you that dying by a lethal injection is an answer to anything.Be blessed you are a blessing and you are loved blessings Marlyen

Jason Chan, Vancouver said...

Good, be hopeful and united.

Elaine said...

Wonderful news and action. God bless.

Anonymous said...

MAID is not euthanasia.

Alex Schadenberg said...

I don't usually publish comments from Anonymous people but this comment is ridiculous.
MAiD is euthanasia. MAiD is simply a euphemism.

An act is determined by what it is not by what people would like to call it in order to feel better about killing.

Carol said...

This is wonderful news! We really enjoyed your talk at the Right to Life convention and will continue to keep up with your work - praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Great news. As a deafblind person myself I am very pleased this man was prevented from dying I am sure he will be too when he realises being blind is not the tragedy people think it is