Friday, September 23, 2022

To all media: Preventing Doctor Death and MAiD House from Killing My Son


Re: Preventing Doctor Death and MAiD House from Killing My Son and other youth.

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I am writing to bring your attention to my protest against a euthanasia procedure (killing) that is scheduled to take place between my 23-year old son, and a doctor who has been unwilling to do his due diligence before approving the application for MAiD.

Dr. Joshua Tepper and Dr. Laurie Morrison (“Dr. Death”) have approved the application for medical assistance in dying (MAiD) for my son, set to take place on September 28, 2022, at MAiD House. Both the doctors and MAiD House, run by Tekla Hendrickson, continue to turn their nose up to the requirements of legislation, which was to have built-in safe guards to protect vulnerable individuals.

To make matters worse, the doctors associated with his approval are part of a Catholic institution that does not agree with the procedure of medical assistance in dying. I am surprised that there would be physicians associated with this sort of procedure that work with St. Michael’s Hospital. I understand the need to seek this sort of assistance in dire situations where a patient has undergone significant evaluation to determine eligibility, and where their natural death is reasonably foreseeable, given frailties, advanced age, and a state of decline in their health. However, my family and I are struggling to understand how and why this would apply to a youthful person that is otherwise generally healthy, and where his death is not reasonably foreseeable.

As such, I feel the need to bring this to the nation’s attention as we do not want to see this procedure happen to our son, nor do we want it to set a precedent for others in the future. We protest the abhorrent medical practice of MAiD for youth dealing with a mental health crisis or other non-terminal illnesses or disabilities.

I am hoping to invoke your interest to broadcast this story, but also to bring awareness to our society, and legislators of what’s currently happening within our healthcare system. Society should be made aware of the shocking revelation that young adults are given an option to end their lives rather than receive help that they need to deal with their mental or physical health. To worsen matters, as of March, 2023, Bill C-7 allows people suffering solely from mental illnesses the right to seek medical assistance in dying. I cannot imagine that the legislators, contemplated the extent of this overreaching piece of legislation that legalized suicide and killing!

I am asking if you could please assist us in bringing attention to our dear son’s situation.

Thank you,
Margaret Marsilla

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