Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quebec to introduce euthanasia legislation tomorrow Doctors in B.C. and across the country pledge to fight the bill

EPC - BC Media Release

For the first time, a provincial legislature will vote on whether to let doctors kill their patients.

On June 12, Quebec’s Public Health Minister Veronique Hivon plans to hold a press conference at 8:15 PST, and will likely announce euthanasia legislation.

Over 500 Quebec doctors are rallying against doctor-assisted suicide, and they’ve joined the Physicians Alliance for Total Refusal of Euthanasia Declaration (
Vancouver GP Dr. Will Johnston is continuing to speak out. The organization he leads, the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of B.C., was an intervener in the recent B.C. Supreme Court case involving Gloria Taylor.
“In the few international jurisdictions where doctor-assisted suicide has been legalized, it is rife with abuse,” said Dr. Johnston. “Vulnerable people, including seniors and people living with disabilities, have been killed without their consent. This is a public safety issue. When our loved ones go to a Canadian hospital that they are not steered toward suicide. This must never change."
Euthanasia is not legal anywhere in Canada. In 2010, MPs from across party lines voted against Bill C-384, which would have legalized euthanasia, and defeated it 228 to 59.

Dr. Will Johnston is available to speak with media.

Dr. Will Johnston
Chair, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of B.C.

604-220-2042 (cell)

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