Monday, June 10, 2013

Elder Abuse and Murder.

The following article was posted by Paul Russell, the leader and founder of HOPE Australia. Paul is also the Vice Chair of EPC - International.

Paul Russell
By Paul Russell, Hope Australia

This story form the Brisbane Times newspaper highlights the problem of Elder Abuse. As the article points out, the deceased was isolated in his community. It is not clear whether the son actually killed the father for his pension money or whether that was an after thought. But is is nonetheless a disturbing reminder of how Elder Abuse can actually include murder.

A Gold Coast man is expected to face court on Saturday charged with murdering his father for his pension money.

The alleged crime went undetected for 18 months, with police having no idea the 66-year-old was missing until they received a tip-off from the public last month.
It’s believed he was killed in November 2011.

Police arrested the man’s 22-year-old son on the Gold Coast on Friday and charged him with murder.

A 33-year-old man has also been arrested and charged with several offences including stealing from the victim.

He is expected to also face Southport Magistrates Court.

Police were scouring a suspected grave site near Oakey Creek Road at Coomera on the Gold Coast’s northern end on Friday.

Detective Senior Sergeant Paul Austin told reporters it appeared the victim had been stabbed on a houseboat he’d been living on in Coomera in November 2011.

He said the suspects had been using the dead man’s bank account to access his government pension.
‘‘The victim appears to have had few family or friends on the Gold Coast so his disappearance went unreported,’’ Det Austin said. 
‘‘The investigations reveal the victim suffered a violent assault culminating in his death.’’
The 22-year-old man has also been charged on an unrelated armed robbery of a 7-Eleven petrol station in Coomera last week.

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