Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) responds to the Quebec government plan to legalize euthanasia.

Media Release

The Quebec government seems intent on decriminalizing euthanasia through the back door. If Quebec goes through with this, it will affect all of Canada.

Hugh Scher
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) is a national coalition of groups and individuals who oppose killing through euthanasia while supporting measures that improve the care and protection of everyone.

Euthanasia is not a progressive idea, but rather the abandonment of people at the most vulnerable time of their life.

Constitutional Lawyer and EPC Legal Counsel, Hugh Scher stated:
“Euthanasia is regulated in the Criminal Code as a form of homicide. Euthanasia is a direct and intentional act to cause the death of another person. Euthanasia is not healthcare.”
Alex Schadenberg
Alex Schadenberg, the executive director of EPC recognizes that:
“When euthanasia is legal abuse will happen. In Belgium, where euthanasia was legalized in 2002, a recent study found that 32% of all assisted deaths were done without consent. Quebec’s proposed list of “safeguards” mirror those within the Belgian legislation.”
Amy Hasbrouck, the leader of the disability rights group Toujours Vivant-Not Dead Yet  stated that:
“People with disabilities, elderly people who are dependent on others, people living with chronic depression, among others, are medically vulnerable. Prohibiting euthanasia is an effective way to prevent the abuse of people with disabilities and elder abuse.”
Amy Hasbrouck with John Kelly
The Quebec government needs to withdraw its plan to legalize euthanasia through the back-door and to renew its commitment to improving end-of-life care and the care of other vulnerable citizens and to commit to prevention of elder abuse and the abuse of people with disabilities.

For more information contact:
* Hugh Scher, Constitutional Lawyer & EPC legal counsel, Toronto, (French & English): 416-816-6115
* Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, London, (English): 519-851-1434 or
* Amy Hasbrouck, Montreal, (French & English): 450-921-3057


Voice of Gone Ballistic said...

What do you mean by the back door.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Euthanasia is illegal within the federal criminal code.

Quebec has decided to call euthanasia medical treatment to make it a provincial jurisdiction.

Alena said...

Medical treatmens is not euthanasia. It's not about killing, it's about having a choice. And I would like to have the choice.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear Alena:

Your choice is not assured by this bill. When a doctor injects you with a lethal substance, did you choose?

Maybe, maybe not.

In Belgium 32% of all assisted deaths are done without request.

Choice is the slogan but not necessarily the reality.

Linda B. said...

Euthanasia is just a nicer sounding name for legalized murder. It's hard to believe something this insidious has been allowed to get so far!