Sunday, June 23, 2013

Philip Nitschke detained at London England airport.

Philip Nitschke
Yahoo news reported today that Philip Nitschke, Australia's Dr. Death, was detained by immigration officials at the London Gatwick airport earlier today. Nitschke is on a European tour promoting his suicide devices, drugs and techniques.
The Yahoo news article stated:
British officials are not commenting on why Australian euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke was detained at London's Gatwick Airport for several hours overnight. 
Upon arrival Dr Nitschke says he was called out by name and escorted to a room where various items he uses for his workshops were taken away. 
He says eventually they were returned and he was allowed entry to the UK after a delay of several hours.
The article quoted Nitschke as responding to the detention:
Dr Nitschke says he was shocked when an immigration official told him he should not have been surprised at his detention because of what he does. 
"I was a little taken aback by that statement because what I do is lobby for changing the law on voluntary euthanasia and giving people choices," he said. 
"If that means that every time you come into a country like Britain it means you're going to be taken out of the queue, have officers waiting for you, be paged off the plane and then searched thoroughly because of what I do, it's a little bit disappointing." 
He says although he was carrying test kits and demonstration items, he was not carrying any drugs or prohibited items.
"We were taken down into the basement of Gatwick airport. All of our luggage has been gone through," he said. 
"A number of items have been taken away for inspection. 
"They include bits and pieces used at workshops, flow regulators and the like, associated with the euthanasia pieces of equipment that we use as demonstration."
Dr Richard Choong
Nitschke is also being challenged by the Australian Medical Association for promoting assisted suicide, suicide devices and drugs. A recent article from ABC news Australia stated:
Dr Nitschke appeared in Perth promoting nitrogen canisters which he says can help people legally end their life. 
His claims have prompted the AMA to speak out on the euthanasia issue for the first time. 
The Association's WA President Richard Choong says he is strongly opposed to Dr Nitschke's product, regardless of whether it is technically legal. 
"What he preaches is still wrong," he said. 
"It is still breaking legislation, encouraging people to break laws. 
"Encouraging people to believe this is an option, that's inappropriate when there are other options available." 
The Association says Dr Nitschke's claim the product is legal is dumbfounding. Dr Choong says euthanasia is illegal for a good reason. 
"Any machine that can help you kill yourself can be abused, misused and maliciously used," he said. 
"And that's a real danger and something we should be aware about. 
"That's why we have legislation protecting us against this."
The laws that protect people from euthanasia and assisted suicide in Australia and the UK are nearly identical to the Canadian law. Nitschke has been recklessly promoting assisted suicide and suicide techniques, drugs and information for many years.

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