Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Only one-third of Russians support euthanasia

A recent poll published by the Russian state-run Public Opinion Foundation found that 32% of Russians supported euthanasia, 32% of Russians oppose euthanasia and 36% had no opinion.

It is interesting to note that 20% of the respondents stated that they had never heard of euthanasia. This statistic proves my theory that certain ideas, such as euthanasia, which is allows one person to directly and intentionally cause the death of another person for "compassionate" reasons, is not a natural idea that human beings consider.

Most people naturally oppose the idea of giving other people the right in law to cause their death.

Considering the fact that 20% of the respondents had never heard of euthanasia, how likely is it that some of the supporters confused euthanasia with withdrawing medical treatment?

It is also interesting that people who lived in larger cities and had a higher income were more likely to support the concept of euthanasia.

Currently euthanasia is properly defined in Russia as a form of murder.

Before considering the legalization of euthanasia, Russians need to consider the crimes against humanity that they have experienced over the last 100 years.

It is not safe to give others the right to cause your death.

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