Friday, June 8, 2012

HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic agrees that Life-Sustaining Treatment should not be withdrawn without consent.

Rasouli family
A media release by the HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic of Ontario (HALCO) and Mental Health Legal Committee (MHLC) announced that they were granted intervener standing in the Supreme Court of Canada Cuthbertson, et al v Rasouli (Rasouli case).

Link to information about the Rasouli case.

HALCO and MHLC stated on their media release that they 'strongly believe that consent must be at the heart of all treatment decisions.'

The Supreme Court's decision will have profound implications for all medical treatment, not only treatment at the end of life. It is imperative to maintain the principle of no treatment without consent. Doctors should not be allowed to unilaterally make life and death decisions.

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