Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Euthanasia opponent to brief state MP's

Alex Schadenberg
The following article written by political reporter, Lauren Nowak was published today in the South Australian newspaper - Adelaide Now.
CANADIAN anti-euthanasia campaigner Alex Schadenberg will visit Adelaide this month to brief state MPs. 
The Australian Family Association has organised the trip as part of a national tour. 
Mr Schadenberg, who chairs the International Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, will speak in Adelaide on June 24 at a private dinner. 
He will address state MPs at Parliament House on June 27. 
Labor MP Leesa Vlahos, as a Private Member, asked Mr Schadenberg to give the briefing. So far, about 10 MPs have said they will attend. Independent MP Bob Such has a voluntary euthanasia Bill before Parliament. 
Ms Vlahos said she had invited Mr Schadenberg to "provide additional information for my colleagues". 
Labor MP Steph Key plans to introduce a reworked voluntary euthanasia Bill to Parliament this year.

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