Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Australia's Dr. Death - Philip Nitschke - may lose his medical licence

Philip Nitschke
An article written by Tom Bowden and published yesterday in Adelaide Now is reporting that Philip Nitschke (Australia's Dr Death) may lose his medical license.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) appears to be investigating Nitschke based on his involvement in the death of a woman who died from ingesting Nembutal, a drug that is used by veterinarians to euthanize large animals. Nitschke was visiting this woman, and the AHPRA appears to be investigating whether or not his advice to her constituted a breach of professional conduct.

The AHPRA has stated that their investigation into Philip Nitschke is impartial, Nitschke is accusing a doctor who is involved with a right to life group of influencing the AHPRA in the investigation.

Nitschke has been counselling people as to how to commit suicide for many years. His "peaceful pill" handbook not only explains how to commit suicide, but also where and how to obtain the means of suicide.

In February 2010 I wrote an article about a report of 51 people in Australia who died from Nembutal use that was in the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine.

The report stated that of the 51 people who were known to have died from Nembutal, 6 people were in their 20's, 8 people were in their 30's, 5 people were in their 40's, 14 people were in their 50's, 3 people in their 60's, 10 in their 70's, and 5 people were over the age of 80.

The report found that of the 38 known deaths that were investigated by a coroner, only 11 had a significant physical illness or chronic pain with the remaining 27 cases showing no signs of physical problems.

The report suggested that the 27 otherwise healthy people who died from Nembutal use were most likely depressed or mentally ill.

Even though the report only referred to 51 Nembutal deaths, Nitschke stated that he knew of between 250 - 300 Nembutal deaths, and when questioned about the deaths that were related to depressed people Nitschke stated:
"There will be some casualties."
The AHPRA needs to expand their investigation into Nitschke. They need to: analyse his "peaceful pill" book, seek out people, who are alive today, who were depressed and suicidal and contacted Nitschke, and they need to investigate other Nembutal related deaths.

Nitschke appears to be similar to a person who trolls the side of a cliff looking for people who are thinking about suicide. He doesn't actually push them off, but with a few words of encouragement and suggestions as to how to effectively jump, he convinces them to jump.

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