Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Suicide tourism debate may lead to referendum in Zurich Switzerland

An article from World Radio Switzerland is suggesting that a referendum on "suicide tourism" may happen in Zurich to resolve the assisted suicide debate that has become an intense in that region.

The article states:
Intense debate continues in Zurich surrounding the issue of so-called “suicide tourism” or “death tourism.”

Right-wing politicians have found support in parliament for their argument that people from outside Zurich shouldn’t be allowed to come to the canton to use the services of assisted suicide groups.

The conservative UDF party in Zurich have called for the people to vote on the matter. They say only people who’ve lived in Zurich for at least a year should be eligible.

The cantonal cabinet said such a vote would go against the federal constitution, which allows assisted suicide as long as there’s no financial motive.

The constitution also guarantees equality of treatment regardless of people’s background.

Despite the cabinet’s concerns, Zurich’s parliament has now voted in favour of holding a referendum.

But it’s by no means certain the issue will go to the ballot—the matter could now be taken to the federal tribunal.

The radical ideology that is promoted by Ludwig Minelli who operates the Dignitas suicide clinic is creating a general stir among politicians in Switzerland.

If a referendum is conducted in a fair and open manner it may be a good political way to deal with assisted suicide in Switzerland. Since assisted suicide always threatens the lives of the most vulnerable, therefore the government really needs to amend its laws and outlaw the death clinics altogether, while simultaneously implementing significant improvements in palliative and chronic care and the services that are available to people with disabilities.

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