Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Euthanasia drugs, narcotics stolen from veterinary office

I have been writing about Philip Nitschke and Exit International for many years. Exit International has been promoting the idea that their members should purchase Veterinary drugs for the purpose of euthanasia.

I am not suggesting that members of the euthanasia lobby are now resorting to stealing euthanasia drugs from Veterinary offices but it should concern everyone that euthanasia drugs were stolen from a veterinary office in southwest Florida yesterday.

The article stated:
Tuesday around 6 a.m., deputies were called to a reported burglary to the veterinarian office of Dr. VanRoekel, located at 18321 N. Olga Drive in Alva.

During the investigation, deputies learned some very powerful drugs - that were not meant to be used on humans - had been taken during the burglary.

The drugs taken include a variety of steroids, euthanasia drugs, and narcotics.

According to the Lee County Health Department, those drugs were not meant for humans and could be deadly.

Remember, these drugs are not meant for human use, but if a lethal dose is taken, they will cause death.

Let's hope that these drugs are never used.

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