Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Couple seeks injunction to keep baby alive

The continuing story about Baby Isaiah May in Edmonton. The Calgary Sun reported on the issue with this article. After speaking to Rebecka May I must say that the Calgary Sun was fair in their presenation of the story. The May family wants more time to give Isaiah a chance to improve enough to go home. What is so wrong about a family wanting to give their child a chance to go home with them.

If he does improve to the level that he could go home, then his parents would be caring for him and he wouldn't be costing the health care system so much money.

If the Isaiah May is not given the 90 day injunction, truly a tragedy would be done.

Today's Calgary Sun article by Katie Schneider:
As their baby fights for his life, a Rocky Mountain House couple are about to battle Alberta Health Services and Edmonton’s Stollery Children’s Hospital who want to take their son off the machines helping keep him alive.

Rebecka and Isaac May will be in court in Edmonton Tuesday to try to get a 90-day injunction to keep their three-month-old son, Isaiah, on life support.

After Isaiah was born Oct. 24 with severe oxygen deprivation and had to be airlifted to Stollery hospital for treatment, doctors told his parents he was brain dead.

“They said he would never move, his eyes wouldn’t dilate,” Isaac said.

But as the little boy remained on life support, his parents thought things were looking up as Isaiah began to gain weight and show signs of improvement.

Then last Wednesday they received a letter from Alberta Health Services stating his diagnosis was unchanged and that the hospital would be withdrawing life support on Jan. 20, prompting the couple to take the matter to court to fight for their son’s life.

“He’s doing everything they said he wouldn’t,” Rebecka said.

“We believe he will keep improving and we just want to give him more of a chance.”

“We believe every life is a life worth fighting for.”

Holding her baby in her arms at the hospital, she continues to be optimistic.

“I will fight for him until I can’t fight for him,” she said.

“Because I love him.

“As a parent you always want to hope.”

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Lizette De Klerk said...

And so it begins...putting a PRICE on human life!

It is a SAD SAD day when a society gets to the point where it says to its citizens: "you're not worth the money we have to invest in you!"

What can we do to support this couple?n Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Let the baby live until he's body decides it's time to go! If you don't give people their choice, maybe it's time for private medical system so we can make our own choices!!

Lenetta said...

Praying for this family. I linked to this on my weekly roundup. Thank you for posting it!