Thursday, January 7, 2010

Final Exit Network wants more permissive assisted suicide laws

A media release that was issued yesterday by Jerry Dincin, the president of the Final Exit Network, expresses their support for the court decision in Montana that legalized assisted suicide in that State, while the group expresses concern that these laws will not allow enough people to die by assisted suicide.

In the release Dinkin states:
... despite the victories in Oregon, Washington, and Montana and the good works of organizations like Compassion and Choices and Hospice, the needs of mentally competent, suffering patients who have not been declared 'terminal' (having fewer than six months to live) have not been addressed.

The media release then promotes their spin concerning the arrest of four of their leaders who were arrested on February 25, 2009 for their involvement in the death of several people who were depressed and vulnerable.

Link to my blog comments concerning the Final Exit Network arrests:

They conclude the media release by advertising the Final Exit Network services through their website and toll free contact number.

If you think that the euthanasia lobby is only interested in giving physicians the right to be directly and intentionally able to assist the suicide of their dying patients, then think again.

Ted Goodwin, the past president of the Final Exit Network, is also the Vice President of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies. Compassion and Choices is a member group of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies.

The only difference between Compassion and Choices and the Final Exit Network is that Compassion and Choices believes in incremental victories while the Final Exit Network is willing to challenge the law by taking in their own hands.

For those who do not believe me concerning the long-term goals of Compassion and Choices simply read the commentary by Dr Richard Wonderly and lawyer Teresa Schrempp concerning the proposed definition of terminal illness that was introduced to the Montana Court in the original Baxter decision. (Link to the commentary It is clear that the euthanasia lobby is only beginning its quest by promoting assisted suicide for people who are defined as terminally ill and through changes in definitions they will then be after everyone with a chronic or disabling conditions.

Link to the Final Exit Network media release:

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