Friday, March 6, 2009

Sexting leads teen to commit suicide

The use of modern technology has created incredible social concerns related to abuse, bullying, social pressure, suicide, etc.

This case is another incredibly sad case of a young woman who committed suicide because she could not overcome the social stigma of having her privacy breached by her friends

In March 2008, Jessica Logan (18) a committed suicide by hanging, after she was bullied and socially stigmatized from nude pictures of her that were circulated by a previous boyfriend.

Cynthia Logan, Jessica's mother, stated to the Today Show:
"Sexting" is about more than possibly criminal activity (child pornography): It's about life and death."

Logan stated:
Her daughter was being attacked and tortured.

When she would come to school, she would always hear, 'Oh, that's the girl who sent the picture. She's just a wh_ _ _

My concern about these tragedies is that Western nations need to re-define laws that were written before the technology existed that has led to the problem of sexting.

We need to update laws that are designed to protect vulnerable people. Whether those laws are designed to protect teens, people with disabilities, or people who suffer from depression, we must recognize that times have changed and there is a need to update legislation.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is primarily concerned about extending the laws related to assisted suicide to outlaw abeting and counselling suicide via the internet and other communications devices.

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