Friday, March 6, 2009

Peter & Penelope Duff die by assisted suicide at Dignitas assisted suicide clinic.

By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Peter & Penelope Duff died at Dignitas assisted suicide clinic on February 27, 2009.

A statement from the family said:
"Peter and Penny Duff passed away peacefully together in Zurich, after a long battle against their terminal cancer, on 27 February." 
"Penny had fought a rare cancer, GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumour), since 1992 and Peter's colon cancer had spread to his liver. 
"Their decision in no way reflected on the wonderful and humbling care they have received from their consultant, doctors and nurses, for which the family, and they, were so appreciative."
A spokesman from the Care Not Killing Alliance said:
"This is a desperately sad and unusual case of a couple in a state of distress." 
"However, hard cases make bad law and the fact remains that if euthanasia was ever legalised in Britain vulnerable and seriously ill people would come under pressure to end their lives prematurely."
I think it is very sad that the Duff's went to Zurich to die at the Dignitas assisted suicide clinic. The Dignitas clinic has become known for how poorly it treats its clients and the incredible fees that it charges. Read the previous blog comments:

The Dignitas clinic is also known for their extreme policies. They are more concerned about money than the ethics related to their actions. Read previous blog entries:

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