Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Green Party in Canada tables resolution on euthanasia

An article in the Toronto Star on Sunday, March 1, 2009 reports that the legalization of euthanasia was one of the issues that the Green Party of Canada debated at their policy convention in Pictou Nova Scotia.

The article quoted Diane McInnis, a lawyer from Kitchener who attended the policy conference. The article quotes her as saying:
"We should be focusing on policies that will get us elected," she says, and she does not think the proposed resolution to support the decriminalization of euthanasia makes the cut.

After a polite but wildly divergent debate on the issue, the couple dozen grassroots Greens voted the resolution back to the drawing table.

Since the NDP and the Bloc officially support the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada, the Greens would do well to not follow their paths and forge different policies than the other left-wing parties.

Link to the Toronto Star article:

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Ironsides said...

At least Diane McInnis made a good attempt to change the priority of the Green Party.

I've never been an environmentalist supporter, and don't understand why so many disability rights activists think that belonging to these anti-humanist groups will win them favor.

After Terri Schiavo's death in 2005, NDY issued a statement right away, which I took straight aim at in a Bioethics post.

Stephen Drake said something to the effect that since more disability rights activists are pro-choice and gender, that they should reach out more to senators in the Democratic party.

My response to that post was something like, getting attention to disability rights should not depend on being pressured to be gay or straight, left or right. It should be dependent on us being Disabled People.

Throughout the primary election campaign in the U.S., I blew it off, when I understood that the surviving three contenders were all euthanasia die-hards!

Only when I heard about Sarah Palin, and noticed that CNN wasted no time in trashing her before anyone even saw her, it was obvious she was worth following.

There was one lady from ADAPT who asked McCain a question at a townhall meeting, and McCain was up front that he wouldn't support the program (whatever it was). His reply shows how cold he is toward anything he considers a special interest.

Concerning this move by the Green Party, it looks like euthanasia really is the hip thing to do now. I think Disabled People who have always felt that they needed to part of all these social cultures, hoping that they could be accepted, need to open their eyes now.

Disabled People have gotten so absorbed into Animal Rights, when the Founding Father of Animal Rights, Peter Singer, wants all of us dead.

Personally, I believe in animals being treated right, but I don't put animals on the same level as human beings. The same is true of the environment; I believe in minimizing waste and pollution, but I believe in cutting all government funding for Al Gore and his network of liars.

There are hundreds of billions of dollars of wasted tax dollars, to support two of the world's most privileged jerks, Al Gore and Peter Singer.

Instead of trying so hard to belong to these social cults, Disabled People should be attacking these organization full-force. Rattle the financial costs to tax-payers that these David Suzukis, Al Gores and Peter Singers are.

Then the Right-to-Die Societies can fold up, and hand over their billions of dollars. They don't need it anymore; they need to spend the rest of their lives in prison.