Tuesday, March 24, 2009

'Hero' unable to stop legalized killing

Charlie Butts from OneNewsHour called me the other day after I posted my blog comment on Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg who is our Hero for refusing to sign the legislation to legalize euthanasia in Luxembourg into law. In fact the Grand Duke was willing to give up his historical monarchial power in order to conscientiously object to the legalization of euthanasia in his tiny nation.

Since then I have received a plethora of emails from people wishing to thank the Grand Duke for his courage.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has decided to formally thank the Grand Duke for his fortitude and strength by sending him an official acknowledgment of his courage and by including with our official acknowledgement the comments by the many supporters who have sent us their comments.

Please send your comments thanking our Hero, the Grand Duke, for his fortitude and courage and his willingness to stand up against the direct and intentional killing of the most vulnerable by euthanasia.

You can do this by emailing the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition at: info@epcc.ca or mailing us at: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Box 25033, London Ontario Canada, N6C 6A8.

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The following is the text from OneNewsHour:

Luxembourg has become the third nation to legalize doctor-assisted suicide. While that isn't good news to pro-lifers, there is a pro-life hero in the story.

The vote on the bill was 30-26, but it was stalled for some time. Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition explains. "The fact is that they've now gone to extreme measures even to carry this out because the Grand Duke of Luxembourg originally refused to sign the bill into law," he says.

That forced Parliament to take drastic action to make it legal. "They went as far as to change their constitution in order to make sure that he didn't need to sign the bill into law for it to become law," says the pro-life activist.

Schadenberg believes Grand Duke Henri deserves recognition for standing his ground.

"I think the Grand Duke is a hero," Schadenberg shares. "And we've been thinking a lot about this and we've been discussing maybe we should be instituting a 'Grand Duke award' that would be awarded yearly to the person who has done their greatest effort to try and stop further promotion of euthanasia/assisted suicide on a worldwide basis."

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition provides information for people who want to send a communication directly to the Grand Duke for taking such a strong moral stand.

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