Thursday, December 23, 2021

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition 2021 Year in Review.

In 2021 Spain legalized euthanasia, New Mexico legalized assisted suicide, and Austria legalized assisted suicide. Canada expanded its euthanasia law and California expanded its assisted suicide law

There were also victories. Portugal's President vetoed the euthanasia bill and Ireland rejected euthanasia.

2021 will be remembered for the COVID pandemic. Québec held an inquiry into the COVID deaths where we learned that some deaths were inappropriated listed as COVID deaths and some people with treatable COVID died by euthanasia.

The following is a list of the most popular and important articles on euthanasia and assisted suicide in 2021.

Child euthanasia was debated in Canada.

1. Québec mother wants her 4 year-old son to die by euthanasia (Link).

The issue of conscience rights for medical professionals was debated in Canada's parliament.

2. Kelly Block (MP) Bill C-268: Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act (Link).

Québec inquiry uncovers that some treatable COVID patients died by euthanasia.

3. Québec doctor testifies that some COVID patients were euthanized rather than treated (Link). 

On March 17 Canada passed Bill C-7.

4. Canada passed Bill C-7 permitting euthanasia for mental illness (Link).

The Delta Hospice Society has continued to battle the British Columbia government.

5. The Delta Hospice Society continues to fight for safe places to die (Link).

In the Netherlands, Randy Knol is working to have a suicide powder banned.

6. Father of 19-year-old who died by suicide powder wants it banned (Link).

The other side claims there is no pressure placed on people to die by euthanasia.

7. British Columbia cancer patient pressured toward euthanasia (Link).

In Belgium, newborns are being euthanized outside of the law.

8. Belgium: Euthanasia of newborns practised outside of the law. (Link).

Canada's 2020 euthanasia report uncovers euthanasia for loneliness

9. Killing to cure loneliness. Canada's euthanasia experiment (Link).

Andrew Lawton, who is a survived suicide attempts wrote.

10. I'd be dead if C-7 was law ten years ago (Link).

Other important articles in 2021.

In February we ran a campaign opposing Child euthanasia in the Netherlands and euthanasia for incompetent people.

In June we ran a campaign opposing assisted suicide by Telehealth.

In July we had great news in Ireland

In August we helped a woman prevent the euthanasia of her husband and we learned about Fraser Health reducing palliative care.

In September we ran a campaign opposing the California euthanasia court case and we published new research on the experience with death by assisted suicide. 

Nancy Elliott
In October we mourned the death of Nancy Elliott, the past EPC-USA Chair and we once again reported on research on assisted suicide deaths.

In November we reported on the court case in Oregon to eliminate the residency requirement and Italy's first assisted suicide death. We had good news when Portugal's President vetoed the euthanasia bill.

In December Netherlands doctors approved euthanasia for incompetent people.

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