Thursday, March 18, 2021

Spanish Parliament passes euthanasia bill. Law may be challenged to Spain's Constitutional Court.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Spanish parliament passed the euthanasia bill with a vote of 202 to 141 (2 abstentions). The Vox party has stated that it will challenge the euthanasia law before Spain's Constitutional court.

On March 15, Portugal's Constitutional Court rejected a similar euthanasia bill that was passed by Portugal's parliament on January 29.

The lower house approved the bill even after the Spanish Bioethics Committee unanimously rejected the proposed bill in their October 6 report which stated:
The bill is invalid not only because it decriminalizes euthanasia as an exception to the general rule requiring life to be protected, but also because it recognizes death as a right that can be incorporated into the list of public health benefits, the committee noted.

The CBE pointed out that “a person’s desire for a third party or the state itself to end his life, directly or indirectly, in those cases of great physical and/or mental suffering, must always be viewed with compassion and met with effective compassionate action leading to the prevention of pain and a peaceful death.”

"Legalizing euthanasia and/or assisted suicide entails setting out on a path toward the devaluation of the protection of human life whose boundaries are very difficult to foresee, as the experience of our circumstances shows us.”

The committee stressed that “euthanasia and/or assisted suicide are not signs of progress but rather a regression of civilization, since in a context in which the value of human life is often conditioned by criteria of social utility, economic interests, family responsibilities and the burden to the public or public spending, the legalization of early death would add a new set of problems.”
Euthanasia is wrong because it permits the killing of people, nonetheless, the disability community in Spain needs to strongly speak up. This legislation threatens their lives.


Lorna Murray said...

We just read this, and although we don't live in Spain however Euthenasia is totally wrong full stop, no matter which country you live in.
We beleive as Christians and even if we weren't Christians Euthenasia just not acceptable. Life is for living, no matter what problems we have. Disabilities, Elderly, Mental Health.
Many people in the world, have Mental Health and the above, that we mentioned.

No one only God has the right to give and take life. Even if you don't beleive in God, it's very important to realize, that every one no matter what problems, have right to life.
We just wonder when people want to do Euthenasia, do they have a consciense what so ever.
Would they like to see some one, pull the plug on them, if they had Special Needs, or Disabilities, or what ever. Each one of our lives, are important and yes important to God.
To us this is to much murdering a life. We have a real responsibility to look after each other in this world, not the attitude well they have XYZ let's take there life, they have what ever, and costs to much to care for them etc. That is just so unfair, and should not be allowed in any country, not just Spain, but all countries.

marwen said...

I am totally against any kind of euthanasia. It should never be done, it is against the Ten Commandments and it is up to God, Who created us in His image and likeness, so leave things to God to decide, who goes and comes in everyone's lifespan.