Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The push for assisted suicide means more suicide.

The Suicide Contagion is real.

This video story was produced by the Patients Rights Action Fund (Link).

I knocked on the door but I didn't hear anything so I opened up the door and she was on the floor beside the bed. So I screamed, I went down to her, I was looking, all I saw was, she was so blue, blue, it was horrifying. Like I still can't get the images out of my head.

My daughter Shawn Alexandra Shatto died on May 22, 2019. She was 25 years old. She died by suicide with the help of a website that assisted her and encouraged her.

There is like a menu and it gives you the list of how you want to die and you choose your method. They provided her with the recipe, the method and instructions.

Shawn was a very sweet, funny, unique, lovable girl. We were just two peas in a pod. She was always smiling, always laughing, always making people laugh.

Talking about assisted suicide is very dangerous, especially when you have the younger kids on there and the vulnerable that feel lost and are in pain.

I believe that when she went on that website, and saw the way that they were talking about ending their lives, you know saying well you know its OK to kill yourself over a terminal illness, she probably thought well ya, I'm in pain and I'm dealing with this, why can't I die like that too?

Her phone was on her bed. The last thing she ever said to anyone on this earth was "I'm fing terrified."

Suicide contagion is real. Tell your legislators to say NO on assisted suicide laws.

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