Friday, June 4, 2021

Petition: No to Assisted Suicide by Telehealth

Sign the petition: No Assisted Suicide by Telehealth (Link)

For several years, the assisted suicide lobby has been promoting the use of telehealth for approving lethal drug cocktails for assisted suicide.

We understand the need to improve telehealth services but assisting a suicide is not medical treatment and it is not a form of healthcare.

On May 19, the Hospice News reported that bills to extend the use of telehealth beyond the COVID-19 pandemic were introduced in the House and Senate.

The bills are US Senate Bill S. 1512 and Congress Bill H.R. 2903.

Our primary concerns with the bills relate to the language in Section (101) which is titled: Expanding the use of telehealth through the waiver of requirements and Section (102) Removing geographical requirements for telehealth services.

The language of these bills need to clearly prohibit assisted suicide by telehealth. If not, these bills will permit assisted suicide by telehealth in states where assisted suicide is legal and possibly nationally by doctors approving and prescribing for out-of-state assisted suicides.

Imprecise language within the legislation may enable assisted suicide doctors to do assisted suicide assessments and prescribe lethal assisted suicide drugs, without meeting or physically assessing the person and without examining the patient to confirm the medical diagnosis.

Medical misdiagnosis is also an important issue. Data indicates that 12 million Americans are affected by medical misdiagnosis each year and 40,000 to 80,000 Americans die annually from medical misdiagnosis.

Healthcare regulation and terminology must not permit approving and/or prescribing assisted suicide by telehealth.

S. 1512 and H.R. 2903 must be amended to include clear language preventing assisted suicide by telehealth.
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Francis Lavigne said...

"Assisted death" is a misnomer. A medical Dr., having taken the Hippocratic Oath to improve & maintain life, is asked to, premeditation, deliberately inject a patient w/a known lethal injection w/O fear of bodily harm from the patient is MURDER. At the least, it is NOT ASSISTED but the procedure of causing death is solely that of the doctor.

marwen said...

Anyone "assisting" someone in any form of euthanasia is a murderer in God's eyes. And if a doctor who took the Hippocratic Oath, "assists" in these actions, he is a hypocrite rather than a medical doctor, who is supposed to be healing rather than killing his patients.

Lorna Murray said...

Assisted suicide, and euthenasia are so totally wrong. This is actually killing a life.
God give life, and not to TAKE IT AWAY. Any Doctor who assists in this in any way, that's not part of the hippocratic oath.

This is so Dispacable, to take a life, and to lay pressure on the person concerned.
This should not be allowed in any way, as that person is not at full mentally capasitty.
A Doctor is there to save and bring hope to any of the Doctors patients.
Anyone medically who would do this should be dealt with by the Medical Board.