Friday, June 11, 2021

Major corporations creating Telehealth empires. Say NO to Assisted Suicide by Telehealth

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Sign the petition: No Assisted Suicide by Telehealth  (Link)

US Senate Bill S. 1512 and Congress Bill H.R. 2903 are designed to normalize the COVID-19 pandemic telehealth rules permanently. 

Some major corporations are preparing to enter the telehealth industry. In the last few days Amazon and Walmart announced major expansions of their Telehealth services.

According to an article by Annie Palmer for CNBC 
Amazon care is working with corporations to offer employees medical services and has set its sights on disrupting the health-care industry.

An article by Kat Jercich for Healthcareitnews stated that:
The medical group for Walmart Health has filed paperwork to do business in more than a dozen more states – and a spokesperson told Insider that the moves are not related to physical clinics.

Instead, the preparation regards the retail giant's pending acquisition of telehealth vendor MeMD earlier this year.
Jercich explains:
Walmart Health's moves in this direction echo that of Amazon Care, which quietly filed to do business in dozens of states before publicly announcing its intention to provide app-based services in all 50 by this summer.

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a "gold rush" in telehealth, with a combination of relaxed regulations and social distancing leading to an enormous uptick in virtual care use rates – and, in turn, heightened corporate interest in the modality.
So why is the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition concerned?

For several years, the assisted suicide lobby has promoted the use of telehealth for approving and prescribing lethal assisted suicide drugs. 

The language in US Senate Bill S. 1512 and Congress Bill H.R. 2903 need to clearly prohibit assisted suicide by telehealth.

Imprecise language within the bills may enable assisted suicide doctors to do assisted suicide assessments and prescribe lethal assisted suicide drugs, without meeting or physically assessing the person and without examining the patient to confirm the medical diagnosis.

These bills may permit assisted suicide by telehealth in states where assisted suicide is legal and possibly nationally with doctors approving and prescribing out-of-state assisted suicides.

Telehealth regulations may enable the assisted suicide lobby to set-up a national assisted suicide approval and prescription center.

Assisted suicide is not healthcare.

Sign the petition: No Assisted Suicide by Telehealth  (Link)

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