Thursday, August 12, 2021

Pro-life man convinced by nurse to seek euthanasia

Dear Friends:

As the Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition I receive many emails and phone calls from people who are wanting to prevent a euthanasia death of a family member or friend. 

I was a shocked when I received a call from the wife of a former pro-life leader who had asked for euthanasia.

Euthanasia became legal in Canada in June 2016 and in March 2021 Canada’s federal government expanded the euthanasia law when it passed Bill C-7.

The man that I am referring to was a pro-life activist in the 1990's.

His wife told me that he was nearing death and being cared for in Catholic hospice facility, but that he had asked to die by lethal injection and he had been approved. Since he was being cared for in a Catholic facility and they would not participate in the act, they were planning to transfer him.

After a long conversation and hopefully some helpful advice to avert his homicide death, this situation caused me to further think about the nature of the human person and how legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide clearly threatens the lives of everyone.

His wife, with my help, protected him from euthanasia.

After his natural death, I received a call from his wife thanking me for helping her save her husband from euthanasia. 

She told me that she found out, after his death, that the day before her husband asked to be killed by euthanasia, that a nurse at the facility, spoke to her husband for several hours in the middle of the night and convinced him to ask for (MAiD). She told his wife, after his death, that MAiD was his right and she spent several hours assuring him that euthanasia was an option for him. He had not brought up the idea of death by lethal injection before that conversion.

When thinking about the ethics concerning what the nurse had done, clearly she did not simply inform him of his legal options but she convinced him, while he was partially sedated, to accept death by lethal injection an act that he would never even have considered when he was in his normal state of mind. 

The nurse not only acted inappropriately but she proved how a human person can be influenced at a vulnerable time of their life.

Legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide threatens all of our lives. 

Many people will be influenced by a nurse or a doctor who claims to be informing us of your legal rights, when in fact they are influencing us at a vulnerable time of life to consider (MAiD) euthanasia.

You need to be protected at the most vulnerable time of your life. You need a Power of Attorney for Percsonal Care legal document that states your beliefs concerning medical treatment and also your states your opposition to death by euthanasia and assisted suicide.

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Alex Schadenberg


Anonymous said...

"His wife, with my help, protected him from euthanasia."

How did this unfold, from the time his wife found out? No info is provided that could be helpful to many.

Michael Rosenthal-English said...

So a nurse in a Catholic Hospital talked a patient into agreeing to euthanasia! Has this nurse been sacked?

Alex Schadenberg said...

It is a Catholic Hospice. The nurse took it upon herself to convince him to ask for euthanasia.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear Anonymous. His wife is writing more about what happened and I hope to publish a more indepth article soon.

Christina said...

The federal government should make it mandatory that MAiD Assessors and Providers to have specialty training to become MAiD Specialists. The health authorities are not transparent if medical practitioners and nurse practitioners have the competency to assess and provide MAiD. Many disregard the "informed consent" safeguard. The part of providing an information that palliative care is intended to care for the patient and the patient's family. People meed to be informed that they have the right to access palliative care and Supportive care.
One example, the Fraser Health prioritize collaborating with the Dying with Dignity Witness Program to facilitate the requirement of a witness in the MAiD request form while the Supportive Care Centre at Delta is underutilized for being vacant since the take over of Health Authority on the control of the hospice. Public awareness is the key. I recommend that family members contacts the police for any suspicion of forcing and encouraging MAiD. The nurse and licensing bodies are difficult to trust. They have liability insurance to help them cover up their unacceptable acts. The police is the best option to stop a crime. It is a crime to force euthanasia.

Maria said...

So what exactly do they get out of this? Do they really think the are goodwill samaritans??
Why hasten an inevitable death?? for what possible motivation?? I do mot understand!!

Mary said...

Justin Trudeau will one day stand before the Lord God Almighty and give an account of his role in all issues of the sanctity of human life.
Pray for him to turn his heart to the Lord for his sake and for our sake.
My prayer is, "Lord save this wretched man's life or deliver us from him !"

Dan said...

The motive is economic, the useless eater policy. He is no longer a producer in society and he is using up valuable resources and health care dollars to no benefit. Today's society sees no value in redemptive suffering and the importance of the elderly and sick praying and offering up their situations for the redemption of the world. They do not see any sanctity of life in anyone. They do not imagine anybody being a child of God.

Unknown said...

Maria - Possibly to help "normalize" it. The more people who are known to have used MAiD, the more it becomes 'normal' in the eyes of the public.

Sheila said...

The Canadian government did away with the Death Penalty for crimes of murder, yet our "Health Care" system encourages murder: abortion - the murder of helpless innocent would-be nurses, farmers, fishermen, physicists, astronauts, engineers, doctors - maybe the one who would discover the cure for cancer.
With Bill C-7 our Liberal government's "Health Care" under the leadership of PM Justin Trudeau promotes euthanasia and MAID -Medical assistance in dying (Medically assisted suicide) Abortion, euthanasia, MAID all = Murder.
Those in the medical field who disagree with these policies and want no part in the killing - either to do it themselves or to recommend someone else can be penalized or even lose their jobs.
Canadian's Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Expression are quickly being eroded.
Where does this government go from here?

Mythumbs said...

Especially if they can convince a pro-lifer! Imagine the uphill battle the pro-life movement would have if it hadn’t been blocked!