Monday, July 5, 2021

Killing to cure loneliness. Canada's euthanasia experiment

This article was published by the Australian Care Alliance on July 5, 2021.

Hon Patty Hajdu Minister of Health
According to the Second Annual Report on Medical Assistance in Dying proudly presented by the Hon Patty Hajdu, Canadian Minister for Health among the 7,595 Canadians whose lives were ended in 2020 by the lethal injection of a deadly poison by a medical or nurse practitioner there were:

  • 4,120 Canadians euthanased because they had cancer but with no discussion with an oncologist about this course of action; 
  • 2,650 people who perceived they were a burden on their family, friends or caregivers;
  • 1,412 people who requested that their lives be ended because they felt isolated and lonely; 
  • 1,253 with non-terminal conditions;
  • 227 people who were put to death because they were frail;  
  • 322 people who needed disability support services but did not receive them; 
  • 126 people who needed, but could not access, palliative care were given access to the lethal jab; 
  • 59 people who the practitioner assessed as requesting a lethal injection "voluntarily" determined the alleged voluntariness without directly consulting with the person.

None of this has raised any alarm bells for the Minister for Health.

The fatally flawed euthanasia experiment forced on Canada by its seven Supreme Court justices in a 2015 decision is perverting medical and health care across Canada.

In 2020 in Canada, 1274 physicians and 71 nurse practitioners actively killed at lest one person with 200 of them directly ending the lives of ten or more people.

2,532 people were lethally injected less than ten days after requesting it - with the then legally required 10 day "reflection period" waived for 905 people who were not imminently dying but who, two practitioners claimed, could lose their decision making capacity within the 10 day period.

This raises real questions about the validity of the original request. If a person is on the verge of losing capacity what degree of certainty can there be that the person currently has full capacity?

However, under the changes to the law from 21 March 2021 the 10 day reflection period is abolished for anyone whose "death is reasonably foreseeable" so same day lethal injection on request is now just business as usual.

For people with non-terminal chronic conditions and disabilities there is a 90 day waiting period - but this too can be waived entirely if the two practitioners assert that decision-making capacity could be lost within that period.

And from March 2023, mental illness alone will also be grounds for receiving a lethal injection.



TL said...

Such horrific news! The dark side of humanity may be winning for now, but it certainly won’t last for long. If it did, humanity would come to an end. Killing is incompatible with civil society!

Bruce Lacillade said...

So the throw-away society now includes humans.
We are definitely on a downward spiral toward Hell.

Judy said...

This is such a dangerous law. From here, we can absolutely be persuaded that anyone who doesn't fit some members of society's idea of a useful life can be murdered, with or without consent, in some cases. After all, Canadian society thinks that it is perfectly all right to "do away with" the unborn through abortion. At 81 years of age, I should begin to wonder when my life is to be considered expendable.

Lorna. said...

This is horrifying, to do Euthenasia on any one. A life is a life, and not because the person may be lonley have cancer, and other diseases.

This should not be allowed, even in Canada. Life is life, and not let's get rid of the person. God sees what people, who are performing euthenasia, are doing.God does not like this at all. God created each one of us, in his own image. Euthenasia is not part of what God wants. God wants us to love and accept each other, no matter what we are like.
Do NOT KILL LIFE, even tiny babies in the womb, right to the oldest person.

Canda this is just not acceptable what so ever. Euthenasia should be banned from EVERY COUNTRY.Time people in Canda stood out against Euthenasia, Assisted dying etc.

Jidoe said...

These are terrible Statistics. said...

Ganz, ganz schrecklich! Genau das, was die WHO samt oberster
FinanzELITE viele Jahre vorher GEPLANT haben unter dem Begriff
"nutzlose Esser"! Man lese den Verrat des Hochgradfreimaurers
Dr. Richard Day vom 20.03.1969! Alles war GEPLANT!

reflexiones del camino said...

Is clear, there is not anymore a support comunnity, and family to support the people. Very sad.

Catherine Stokes, MD said...

Alex, I am so grateful to you for bringing all of this into the light. We pray for you and all you are working so hard to protect. Catherine Stokes, MD