Friday, July 23, 2021

Netherlands man made money selling lethal suicide powder. At least six people died.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Eindhoven Netherlands
A few days ago I reported that a man (known as Alex S) was arrested for assisting multiple suicides in Eindhoven Netherlands. Today the NL Times has reported that the Eindhoven man sold suicide powder to 6 people who died. 

The NL Times story reported:

"The suspect sold the drug from November 2018 to June 2021," the OM alleged in a statement. "The criminal investigation started after the death of a woman from Best in May 2021." the OM said in a statement. They found the woman had a "suspicious substance" with her when she died, and they also examined data she had stored on devices.

The circumstances led investigators to the Eindhoven man, who prosecutors said sold the lethal powder along with a prescription drug that would reduce the urge to vomit, the OM continued. He may have sold the one or both medications to "hundreds" of people, the OM said in court, according to RTL Nieuws.
Ximena Knol died in February 2018
The NL Times reported that a 19-year-old woman died from taking the suicide powder.
A 19-year-old woman from Uden died in February 2018 from using the powder. At the time, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said he found it "very worrisome" that the powder was available for purchase. The OM launched an investigation into that case, in part to determine if Cooperatie Laatste Wil helped her obtain the powder. The organization promotes "assisted suicide and self-euthanasia without the intervention of doctors," the group said.

S. was involved with that organization, the OM said in court, according to RTL Nieuws. The OM did not say if the Uden woman's death was part of its case against S. The town of Uden is about a 30-minute drive from Eindhoven and Best.
The attorney for the families commented on the profit made by selling the suicide powder
Attorney Sébas Diekstra said he was horrified that someone could profit by aiding people to kill themselves. He is representing the families of two young women who acquired the powder in 2020, and died soon after. It was not yet known if they bought the powder from the Eindhoven man.

"We understand that it is now being investigated further whether it was this suspect who provided the poisonous and inhumane drug with which these young women were able to end their lives," Diekstra said in a statement sent to RTL Nieuws.
We will continue to follow this story.

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Anonymous said...

I want euthanasia for myself for refractory mental illness. It should only be for a few hopeless people like me.I am 68 and perhaps euthanizing the mentally ill should be only for those over 65.I am in the USA and most wait awhile.Life and friends and music and good works are all still beautiful.Peace to the dead who found living too painful- Don

TL said...

Dear Don, what you need is not death, but rather, love, kindness, and caring from medical providers and social service agencies, enough money from the government (if needed) for you to lead a dignified life, and a psychiatrist who is eager to treat your brain disease with whatever pharmaceutical drugs it takes to relieve your symptoms, even if it means that you end up sleeping most of your days away. To end your life would hurt your friends, your family, and everyone in society because they know that society has failed you and that just isn’t right. And insofar as anyone helped you to end your life, you would be providing support to the executioners among us - the dark, twisted souls who have lost their moral bearings and who exist as a kind of plague and perpetual nuisance, urging us all to lose our humanity. If your psychiatrist sympathizes with your desire for death, you need to find a new one - one with love and caring in his or her heart, and do it ASAP! Good luck, Don. Your suffering does not need to continue, and ending it does not require you to die.

Anonymous said...

Dear Don,

Jesus is the reason for living! Please go to Him. Just be open and ask him to reveal himself to you. Tell him your struggle about not wanting to live. He will listen and will show himself to you - and will give you peace, freedom from your Mental Health and will also joy for living. I'm praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Feeling like killing yourself is what many people say when they are deeply depressed.

When this depression is relieved they wouldn't think of killing themselves. Any item that can be used for this purpose should be banned especially if readily available. If anyone does well this type of product should be treated as a murderer.

Bill B.