Tuesday, July 9, 2024

What happened to Delaware assisted suicide Bill HB 140?

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

Everyone needs to contact Governor John Carney and urge him to veto assisted suicide 
Bill HB 140. Email him at:  john.carney@delaware.gov

A news story by Sarah Mueller for whyy news stated:
Democratic Rep. Paul Baumbach, the prime sponsor, said the bill has not yet been sent to the governor. A spokesperson for the governor said lawyers were reviewing the legislation. Requests to clarify their answers received no response.
I was reading the Medical Futility blog by euthanasia activist, Thaddeus Pope, which indicated that Delaware was now the 12th US jurisdiction to legalize assisted suicide since Governor John Carney had not signed or vetoed HB 140 within 10 days after transmittal.

Stephen Mendolsohn, who is a great political researcher, disagreed with Pope stating that the Delaware rules require the Governor to act within 30 days of adjournment or the legislation is "pocket vetoed" when 
a bill reaches the Governor after the session adjournment. The second scenario is in play in Delaware.

Today I called Governor Carney's office and asked for the status of HB 140. The response was that HB 140 has not yet reached the Governor's desk. A recent news article stated that Governor Carney has asked lawyers to examine the bill based on his concerns.

Everyone needs to contact Governor John Carney and tell him to veto assisted suicide Bill HB 140. Email him at:  john.carney@delaware.gov

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Kimberly Howard said...

I sent an email on June 27 to Governor Carney requesting he veto HB140. I never received a reply back from his office.

Laura said...

I called the Dover phone number for the governor on June 28 and someone actually answered the phone and took my message. I’ve encouraged my friends and family to do the same. I also emailed. But I feel like if they get swamped with calls, it makes an impression. There are out of state organizations pressuring the governor to pass this horrible bill. Everyone needs to call and write to him about this.