Monday, July 8, 2024

Canada had approximately 15,280 assisted deaths in 2023, a 15.4% increase.

There were approximately 15,280 reported Canadian assisted deaths in 2023 up by more than 15% from 2022.
Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, 
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

As I wait for the federal government to release Canada's 2023 euthanasia data, last week British Columbia released it's 2023 provincial euthanasia data.

According to the BC Medical Assistance in Dying 2023 report there were 2767 reported assisted deaths up by 10% from 2515 in 2022.

It is concerning that "other conditions" represented 32.9% of the BC assisted deaths in 2023. Other conditions were reported under these catagories:
Autoimmune Condition 2.4%, Chronic Pain 24.8%, Diabetes 9.8%, Frailty 60.5%, Other Comorbidities* 52.1%
Canada's MAiD law does not require that a person be terminally ill. Diabetes, frailty chronic pain and autoimmune conditions are usually chronic and not terminal conditions. 
The report doesn't indicate the conditions that comprise "Other Comorbidities" yet the report indicates that Mental Disorders, as a comorbidity, is within that category.

Euthanasia for mental disorders alone is not permitted in Canada but if a person has a mental disorder and another comorbidity (condition) then the person can qualify to be killed.

The report excludes any important information, such as an analysis of questionable deaths or a further examination of why a person actually asked to be killed, rather it only includes their condition.

Canada's euthanasia statistics:

On February 6, 2024 I predicted that there were approximately 16,000 Canadian euthanasia deaths in 2023. At that time I had less data.
Based on the data from Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta and Nova Scotia, I now predict that there were approximately 15,280 Canadian euthanasia deaths in 2023. Here is how I came to that predication:

CBC Radio Canada published an article on March 9, 2024 stating that there was a 17% increase in Québec euthanasia deaths with 5,686 reported deaths representing 7.3% of all deaths, which is the highest rate in the world in 2023. The Radio Canada report was based on the Quebec euthanasia deaths between January 1 - December 31, 2023.

The Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario released the December 2023 MAiD data indicating that there were 4641 reported euthanasia deaths in 2023 which was up by 18% from 3934 reported euthanasia deaths in 2022.

The Alberta Health Services reports that there were 977 reported assisted deaths in 2023 which was up by more than 18% from 836 reported assisted deaths in 2022.

The Nova Scotia Medical Assistance in Dying data indicates that there were 342 reported assisted deaths in 2023 which was up by more than 25% from 272 in 2022.

An article published by Global news, which may only be preliminary data, indicated that there were 236 reported Manitoba assisted deaths in 2023 which was up by 6% from 223 in 2022.

The BC Medical Assistance in Dying 2023 report stated that there were 2767 reported assisted deaths up 10% from 2515 in 2022.

According to the data from Ontario, Québec, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and British Columbia, there were 14,413 assisted deaths in 2023 (in those Provinces) whihc is up by 15.4% from 12,490 assisted deaths in 2022 (in those Provinces). Since the total number of Canadian assisted deaths in 2022 was 13,241, I can predict that there were approximately 15,280 Canadian assisted deaths in 2023.


gordon friesen said...

great analysis! The category "other" is indeed very alarming. So far, cancer had been about 70% in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Canada. Then there are other identifiable groups. Then there is "other". What I understand from your comments is that "other" (now at 32%) is where much of the growth is, and that "other" is actually a grab bag for much more ambiguous cases. something to keep our eye on, definitely.

Vi said...

This is beyond disturbing, heart wrenching, frustrating & frightening. :(

Seriously...What have we come to, when death has NOW become the BEST and (seemingly) ONLY solution to all of life's problems? When we are willingly giving psychopaths (who are clearly devoid of any REAL empathy or sympathy) the power/authority and permission to unashamedly slaughter as many people as they (happily) can and will (according to their depopulation Agenda 2030), all the while feigning affection, in order to be seen as 'merciful' and 'caring', just so they can further justify their killings/blood lust.

What's even more outrageous and diabolical is the SLY way they are deceiving, confusing, taking advantage of and encouraging the hopeless, the destitute, the vulnerable and the physically afflicted to just DIE already, because it's an honorable and/or dignified thing for them to do! Yikes! WOE unto these lying, ungodly monsters who are calling EVIL good... Trust and believe, their day of reckoning is coming & when it comes, it's NOT going to be pretty!

Anonymous said...

Well said by all!