Thursday, June 15, 2023

Some poverty stricken Canadians opted for assisted death.

The following letter was written by Dr Catherine Ferrier in response to Stefanie Green's letter that stated that Poverty alone does not meet the criteria for MAiD. The letter was published by the National Post on June 14, 2023.

Re: Poverty alone doesn’t meet criteria for MAID — Dr. Stefanie Green, Letter to the editor, June 7

Dr. Stefanie Green calls several National Post columnists disingenuous for expressing concerns about Canadians requesting MAID for poverty, homelessness and other social problems.

Dr. Green knows perfectly well that, contrary to her claim of an “extremely rigorous process,” the Canadian law is so broad that anyone with a serious chronic illness or disability is eligible for MAID, regardless of whether that is their reason for requesting it. There is no need to be close to death and no need to have tried other options to relieve suffering, or even have them available. The 10-day waiting period for people close to death was eliminated in 2021, and the 90-day delay for other people still makes it easier to obtain MAID than to see a specialist in many parts of Canada.

Amir Farsoud stated on CBC’s The Fifth Estate that he was approved for MAID on the basis of his chronic back pain, but requested it because he could not find housing he could afford on his disability pension. Alan Nichols, whose case was documented in the National Post, died through MAID for an official diagnosis of hearing loss, which was not his real reason either.

The Canadian Association of MAID Assessors and Providers (CAMAP), of which Dr. Green is the president, is well aware that poverty drives many MAID requests. An article by Alexander Raikin in the New Atlantis in December 2022 quoted from many CAMAP seminars discussing exactly this issue.

There are reasons why Canada has the highest MAID rates in the world after only seven years, and why over 10,000 Canadians died through MAID in 2021, compared with 486 through assisted suicide in California, which has a similar population to ours, and legalized assisted death the same year.

Catherine Ferrier MD, Montreal

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gadfly said...

Let's not forget that Green started out doing abortions, just like Wiebe. And she's double dipping, isn't she? Paid by gubmint for CAMAP, paid by gubmint for killing... (Not assuming her gender here...)