Thursday, October 6, 2022

Bereaved mother speaks out against euthanasia (MAiD).

Sharon Danley
By Sharon Danley

My son was euthanized by the Canadian Government’s Medical Assistance In Dying or MAiD program on Dec 12, 2021.

What proof was demonstrated regarding my son’s pain or his mental well-being by MAiD? Nobody contacted me, his Mother, to check, corroborate, question or confirm my son’s reasons. It appears the adjudicators accept what a person says without any thorough investigation? There is also no oversight of the adjudicators.

MAiD doesn’t appear to consider the devastating fallout to family and loved ones, nor do they offer grief counselling before or after the exterminations.

I recently discovered over 10,000 Canadians were euthanized in 2021 which included my son - that’s a staggering amount.

I’m now speaking out as a bereaved Mother who I am sure is not alone in the wake of the these highly questionable “exterminations” being committed with this program.

The bigger issue is, how much further is this program going to go? It was originally for those suffering with a terminal lifespan who were in pain. It's now escalated to an amendment being proposed in March 2023 to include people who are depressed.

This is definitely a very slippery slope my friends. Who gets to define “quality of life” and how is it measured? Further where is the money in all this?

Will the homeless, troubled teens, disabled, dementia patients, politically incompatible, religious affiliation or physically complex babies be the next targets for euthanasia in future amendments?

It's a serious question given our sorrowful history. In my opinion, MAiD is actually a Trojan horse and has turned out to be a way to rid society of the “less desirable” across the board. MAiD is reminiscent of 1930's Nazi Germany when the disabled were sterilized, then euthanasia of children and adults with disabilities and finally genocide.

The constant broadening of the program is very serious. Please critically ponder this program and speak about these highly questionable proposals with your friends, family and colleagues. And please contact your MP’s - on either side of the aisle and ask them to STOP where MAiD seems to be inevitably headed.

Thank you,
Sharon Danley


Gloria S. said...

Prayers go out to Sharon Danley. I can't imagine what she's been through. So many more families will go through this. I pray the government changes these laws. Canada has a death culture and it doesn't care. One day maybe PM Trudeau will have to go through this as well because of what he and his party brought about. The government is allowing this to happen. They should be held accountable. It's no different than what the Indigenous went through and maybe in a few years or 100 years they will be sorry for their decision of legalizing euthanasia/assisted suicide.

Nancy Valko said...

So sad and tragic!

gb said...

I agree with Sharon. It is totally unacceptable! We need to stand together and express our concerns and sorrow in the direction our government has taken.

We continue to pray!!

I am sorry for your loss.

Betty said...

this is a huge tragedy. Canadian Government has brought the medical profession into disrepute. First with abortion now with euthanasia - they have sworn to do no harm but both are a great harm to our Country. Instead of providing health care they prefer to simply end lives instead of giving them the compassionate care that our Country should be providing for our citizens. My heartfelt condolences to this grieving Mother. I cannot begin to imagine how you must be suffering.

Margaret Dinsdale said...

I remember a friend telling me about a man he knows in Belgium. He was at work one day when he received a phone call asking him to come and pick up the body of his mother, who had just consented to euthanasia. This came right out of the blue. She hadn't told him she was even thinking about it and no one had contacted him before this. This was 6 or 7 years ago, so I am not surprised it is becoming rather loose here. I have had great harm done to me by doctors, which I document, with evidence, on my blog site. It is a miracle I am still alive.

Lee said...

Although we may blame our government for these dreadful situations, we must also give credit to our Supreme Court system who compelled the government to make these laws. And recognize that any decisions made by any government may be overturned by our Supreme Court of Canada. As a member of my CWL (Catholic Womens League) league, I have printed up 1000 Anti Euthanasia postcards, to be sent to the House of Commons. These cards are focused mainly on MAiD for the mentally ill. This new "maid service" will be available on March 17, 2023. Many Drs.including the head of MAiD, are struggling with this new developement. It comes down to the question of capacity to make the decision, when stricken with mental illness. Mental capacity is very difficult, if not nearly impossible to determine, and many doctors are refusing to be involved in MAiD. My dear friend, a senior of fragile health, was in our hospital recently, with four other ladies, one of which chose MAiD. The killing took place in the room where the other ladies were asked to leave. Two left but my dear, brave friend refused to leave and simply prayed for this poor lady. When the others came back in, they wept all night long in their dreadful distress. Honestly, is this the best we can do for our fragile elderly? My 89 year old mother is in the hospital now, and I have said, in clear terms, that neither mom nor I, hold with euthanasia. Please, never give up. Our most fragile people are depending on us. God bless.

Anonymous said...

I am in utter shock. Thank you all for talking about this. It is one of the most horrible things I have ever heard. I have a son that suffers severe mental illness. There are times when he’s very very sick, but then there are times when he is very well like now. I couldn’t imagine him or his doctors deciding to do this, and not notifying me beforehand. I am sorry that this is going on in Canada. Luckily we live in the USA. God bless the people of Canada.