Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Canadian fashion company advertises with euthanasia.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director,
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition 

Simons, a Canadian designer and fashion company produced a three minute commercial promoting their products with euthanasia (MAiD). 

Sign our boycott petition to Simons (Link).
The video titled: All Is Beauty - starts with the statement, dying in a hospital is not what's natural, it is not soft, in these type of moments you need softness.

Many people agree that dying in a hospital is not natural or soft but killing is also not natural or soft.

The words then appear on the screen: 
The most beautiful exit. 

The video continues with warm scenes of nature, of friendship and commentary by the woman who will soon die by (MAiD) euthanasia. The woman says:
"It can take dying to figure out what living is all about."
What does this message say to someone who lives with suicidal ideation?

We all have a wish to be remembered and to live a full life, with friends, experiences, beauty and joy. Simons has created a concept commercial that sells their products as part of a "complete life" and dying by euthanasia (MAiD) as the fulfillment of a "complete life."

The reality is the opposite. 

Euthanasia is about killing. 

Killing is not beautiful. 

Euthanasia is not about living a complete life, 

Euthanasia is not about caring for someone, 

Euthanasia is about abandoning someone to death. 

Euthanasia is not about fulfillment but ending life without fulfillment. 

Euthanasia is not about friendships and closure but it is about ending life without closure.

The commercial finishes with a tribute to Jennyfer who died in Oct 2022.

Sign our boycott petition to Simons (Link).

Before buying products from Simons remember who you are giving your money to. Maybe its better to buy from their competitors?


Rose Marcy said...

MAID is killing. It is not natural and it is not “soft”.

Baron Yves de Menten de Horne said...

Euthanasia is akin to murder. How can a fashion company get so low in ethics ? Is'nt there a law to prevent such atrocious advertising ?

Sharon said...

We need to write to Simmons and let our voices be heard. I will NEVER shop there again.

Laurie Allen Omura said...

Whoever said that dying is always supposed to be "soft"? We'd like it to be but it isn't always so. Speaking as a hospice RN, there is nothing soft, dignified, or righteous about MAID. Nothing.

Betty said...

I'm not familiar with this company but am appalled that they could do something like this. I think a boycott is called for. Can you advise where their products are sold?

Betty MacDonald

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear Betty:

Simons has stores in many major Canadian cities, but they are primarily a Quebec company. They also sell their products online.

Valerie A Delaney said...

I have bought from online Simons for some time, but will NEVER do so again.

Just have to figure out how to let them know!

Seems there is no limit to what companies will do to benefit from human suffering.

gordon friesen said...

I just left a message on their media contact form. I basically said that they are apparently unaware of just how bad this could be for business, and invited them to make contact so we can discuss it.

gordon friesen said...

I just got this confirmation for a message left on their media contact form:


gordon friesen


simons.ca (CA)


hi I just saw your video, All is Beauty.

My name is Gordon Friesen and I am President of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition EPCC.ca

I do not think, unfortunately, that whoever is responsible for this campaign actually understands the full ramifications of what you have done. To put it plainly: There is already talk in progress for a full-on boycott of your products.

Clearly, you have an articulate and charismatic character at the heart of the video, and a talented production crew to bring the whole thing to life. However, you appear to be unaware of just how many clients you risk to lose over this.

Please contact me to discuss what has already happened and what might still be done to soften the blow.

This is not a joke. On the contrary, this is a matter which concerns the highest levels of management.

As recipient of this message, for your own personal interest and for that of your company, I believe you have a clear duty to pass this on to people of real responsibility.

Thank you,

Gordon Friesen, President, EPC

J Gayton said...

Nor is it natural, or spiritually enlightened to exit in a drugged state as the Yogic Sciences explain.

The manner in which one embraces their last moments and last breathes matters. Doing so consciously is the goal.

Vi said...

This is clearly part of Agenda 2030... Smh that people are falling for this deception & wickedness!

Voice of Gone Ballistic said...

I never heard of this company.

Anonymous said...

I could hardly believe what I read. How could we ever say that dying by euthanasia could be soft and beautiful.We need to call euthanasia what it is murder and now we our even considering to apply such measure to babies , mentally ill those who are weak and vulnerable.Those who would consider such drastic way of leaving this earth will not be spending much money at Simon’s .I pray they will withdraw there advertisements to such a sad event.as it such bad taste and not at all factual.I pray they will rethink the decision to support euthanasia I know I am rethinking ever shopping at their store .I have heard so much positive about Simons it made me so disappointed to see and hear this.. sincerely Marlyen

Anonymous said...

Euthanasia is not about killing. Euthanasia is about choice.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Choice for what Anonymous?
Choice to have someone kill you.
Don't be afraid of calling it was it is.

Anonymous said...

My first husband died of terminal cancer at the age of 39 at home, with loved ones present, without MAID. His passing was gracious and beautiful.....I was blessed to hold him in my arms and experience his passage into heaven. I would never change one thing about this, God was definitely there with us. In my life I have never experienced anything so amazing, in spite of my own personal sadness and grief. I have never witnessed such courage as he displayed during the entirety of his illness, right until the moment he left this earth.

Why would a fashion house condone and present such garbage? What does this have to do with clothing.

Anonymous said...

they have a very large store in the famous West Edmonton mall

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear more about this, J. Gayton. Do you have a reference I could use to go study this? My mother had my grandfather put down like a dog, way before euthanasia was legal. He was unconscious.... she made a scene, carried on, proclaimed he was suffering. They sent us out of the room, administered what ended up being a lethal dose of morphine, and when we came back in, he was gone. All that, after poisoning him with blood thinners. I detest the medical community. I'd like to understand more about the death he was supposed to have.

Eva Keil said...

In response to the e-mail I received and all the comments I read, I took the time to watch the video. I contacted Simons through their website and told them that they are all deceived. I made them aware that they will lose a lot of business because of this video and that I have put them on my list of companies to be boycotted. Euthanasia is Murder and nobody has the right to end a life other than the One who created it!

WannaTravel said...

I watched my husband die, it took over a year , as for dying in a drug enduced setting, he died with a constant morphine drip in his arm to try to lessen the agony of pain I begged for euthanasia

Anonymous said...

I found your blog after googling this ad and I just made a complaint about the ad via the Advertising Standards Canada website.

If you are bothered by the ad you may wish to do the same. You can say it violates part 14 of the code. This part of the code includes restrictions on: condoning discrimination (ex. violence towards disabled people); condoning bullying, violence, or unlawful behaviour; undermining human dignity. It could also be considered to violate part 11: "Advertisements must not exploit superstitions or play upon fears to mislead the consumer," or part 1: "Advertisements must not contain, or directly or by implication make, inaccurate, deceptive or otherwise misleading claims, statements, illustrations or representations."

I don't think Simons should be allowed to run an ad that's basically lobbying for MAiD and pretend it's an ad for their department store.

Tershia said...

This is what a world without God looks like! It is very sad.
We have no right to destroy the lives of people who are created by God in His own image. He will not be mocked. It

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed with your inhumane position that a person must be required to endure unbearable suffering until the "natural" end of life. Your arrogance in declaring what God wants is appalling.

Anonymous said...

Agree and feel the same disappointment with EPC.

I do though agree with EPC that a home & fashion store using euthanasia as a marketing story is so distasteful. They should be looking into their own practices of environmental impacts and labor equity. I am not impressed with this marketing stunt and feel so disappointed in Simons executives. I will not be returning or shopping on-line with Simons.


Lee said...

I had never heard of Simons until this month when I travelled east to Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, where I visited a store in Montreal, I believe it was. A relative has a friend who works there. I will never be a part of supporting this business. How appalling. This information has been highly informative and I will be spreading the word. Thank you for this.

Vi said...

"Your arrogance in declaring what God wants is appalling." and, so is yours...

(Exodus 20:13)
13 Thou shalt not kill.

(Revelation 21:9)
8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and MURDERERS, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.
[CAPS mine, for EMPHASIS]

(Revelation 22:15)
15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and MURDERERS, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.
[CAPS mine, for EMPHASIS]

Ben said...

Life is sacred. We are not wise if we try and play "God" to determine when life can begin or end. As a person of faith, I believe that we are made as image bearers of the divine. Life is a gift, and life and death are not ours to play with. I am saddened that we are trying to brand these sacred moments and say that suicide or assisted death is dignified. I stand for life.

Vi said...

Amen, Ben...

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I totally support MAID and will use this benefit should it become necessary. I see no reason to willingly pump my body full of drugs designed to kill off my organs slowly as I lie there for weeks or months.

Anonymous said...

I am digested that Simons is promoting euthanasia a policy that has expanded from being an option for the terminally ill to now include those with chronic pain and mental health challenges, these are highly vulnerable populations and your company’s support of this death cult shows that you and your company support death and destruction you are a child of Satan! Judgement is coming!

Anonymous said...

To die through Medical Assistance in Dying is not DYING in DiGNITY as what MAiD advocates often promotes.

To live in dignity is having the ACCESS to medically necessary palliative care.
Hospice Palliative Care is a medically necessary care but its is a sad reality that in BC, the Fraser Health Board of Directors and the former Vice President of the health authority who are not health care professionals mandated that MAiD be implemented in hospices and palliative care units. This leadership of the health authority disregarded the palliative care medical experts ethical and legal perspective that MAiD or euthanasia should NEVER BE MANDATED to be implemented at the hospices and palliative care units. The health authority should never use the budget to provide hospice Palliative care to those who need the medically necessary care of those who opt to die naturally. The sad reality again is hospice palliative care budgets are used to buy drugs to kill a person by lethal injection by a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner.

To protect human life, we need advocates, the support of the BC Senior Advocates to ask the BC government to finalize the overdue Dementia and Palliative Care Provincial Policy. This policy should have been developed and implemented before the BC MAiD Policy. But what happended to BC NDP government? They have a MAiD policy but no provincial policy to protect those needing dementia care and hospice palliative care?