Monday, October 24, 2022

Canada's Minister of disability inclusion opposes infant euthanasia.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

A presentation by Dr Louis Roy for the Québec College of Physicians to The Special Joint Committee on MAiD on Friday September 7 urged Canada's Federal government to adopt a Netherlands Groningen style protocol to permit infant euthanasia.

Article: Infant euthanasia proposed by the Quebec College of Physicians (Link)

Article: Quebec College of Physicians slammed for justifying infant euthanasia (Link).

A CBC News article by Catherine Cullen and Alexandra Zabjek reported on October 22 that Carla Qualtrough told CBC radio's The House that:
"I find that completely shocking and unacceptable. I would never support going down that road,"
The CBC report stated:

Qualtrough, who is legally blind, said that while she can't speak on behalf of the entire government, "there is no world where I would accept that."

People often make incorrect assumptions about the quality of life that someone with a disability experiences, she said.

Extending assisted death to infants is not one of the topics the parliamentary committee has been tasked with exploring — although it is reviewing whether the practice should be available to so-called "mature minors" who would be old enough to offer informed consent.
Qualtrough also expressed concern that people with disabilities are asking for (MAiD) euthanasia based on poverty or an inability to receive necessary medical treatment. The article reported:
Qualtrough also said she hears frequently that some people with disabilities are seeking assisted deaths because they can't find adequate housing or sufficient care.

"Working with the disability community and hearing very regularly that people's options around MAID are being driven by lack of social supports is devastating," she said.

The CBC report stated that The Special Joint Committee on MAiD that was scheduled to table its report on October 17 has now had the committee report extended to February 17, 2023.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is pleased that the committee report has been delayed but we remain concerned about the possible extension of the committee's mandate. We fear that the government is examining further areas of expansion of the euthanasia law.

Many people suggested that the Quebec College of Physicians only launched a trial balloon concerning infant euthanasia, nonetheless, the Netherlands approved the Groningen Protocol which permits infant euthanasia in 2005 and Belgium eliminated any age limit for euthanasia a few years ago.

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