Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Canada is getting comfortable with killing people with disabilities.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Tristin Hopper wrote an insightful article that was published in the National Post on August 15 titled: Canada is getting comfortable with killing its disabled.

Roger Foley
Hopper focuses on several stories concerning people with disabilities who have been pressured to die or have died by euthanasia. Many of these people have disabilities and were also living in poverty.

Hopper writes about Roger Foley of London, Ontario, who did not ask for euthanasia but was urged to ask for it. Hopper writes:
This week, a feature by the Associated Press quoted secretly recorded audio from a London, Ont. hospital that appeared to show a medical ethicist raising the subject of euthanasia with a disabled patient, Roger Foley, after reminding him that he was costing the system “north of $1,500 a day.”

Foley told the AP that he had never previously expressed a desire for medically assisted death, and began recording the staff after they kept mentioning it to see if he had “an interest.”
There are people with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) who were approved for euthanasia because they couldn't afford a clean place to live. Hopper writes:
There was “Sophia,” a 51-year-old Toronto woman with severe chemical sensitivities who took MAID after she was unable to find an affordable home free of the smell of smoke or chemical cleaners. “Denise,” a 31-year-old Toronto woman, similarly pursued euthanasia as a result of what she called “abject poverty” preventing her from securing appropriate accommodation for a variety of chronic conditions.
Alan Nichols
Alan Nichols died by euthanasia even though he was not terminally ill, but experiencing depression. Hopper wrote:
Alan Nichols, a severely depressed B.C. man, was administered MAID shortly after being taken to the hospital by his family for a psychiatric episode. “They killed our brother,” Nichols’ brother Wayne told the National Post.
Gwen (not her real name), a woman with chronic pain, says that euthanasia will remove patients like her. Hopper quotes Gwen, who said the The Tyee:
“It’s eugenics, because they don’t want us to be properly supported and be OK. And if we don’t have family to take care of us, it’s ‘Please just go and die,’”
Hopper also quotes from Mark Komrad, a psychiatrist at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, who argues that Canada's law:
“...will provide, not prevent, suicide for some psychiatric patients,”
Hopper also quotes from a report by a team of United Nations special rapporteurs, who warned that Canada’s liberalization of euthanasia posed dire threats to its elderly:
“There is a grave concern that, if assisted dying is made available for all persons with a health condition or impairment … a social assumption might follow (or be subtly reinforced) that it is better to be dead than to live with a disability.”
Hopper quotes from all of these news stories while acknowledging that the number of Canadian euthanasia deaths have increased significantly:
MAID has seen a dramatic upswing in recent years. In 2020, nearly 7,600 Canadians ended their lives via euthanasia, a 17 per cent increase over the year prior. In disproportionately elderly regions like Vancouver Island, MAID is now the cause of 7.5 per cent of all deaths.
Hopper does miss the recent federal report which indicated that there were more than 10,000 Canadian euthanasia deaths in 2021.

These human experiences, along with many others, provide no surprise that the world is wondering why Canada is euthanizing its poor

The real question is: Has the federal government recognized that their experiment with legalized euthanasia has failed and is now out-of-control?


Nancy said...

Awwwww !

Please get educated, people!!!

Life is for living, not extinguishing ! Thou shall not kill people, including yourself !!!

Watch 50 or 100 Near Death Experience, (NDE) youtubes. Watching a few does not cut it. Then join the International Association of Near Death Studies, (IANDS) !

sestroc said...

A more macabre question is: Does the Canadian government regard this as failure or success? Pray, pray, pray for our nation!

Judy said...

How sad it is when the elderly disabled and the ill are considered expendable. That is not the way life should be. It is sad that our Medical authorities can offer us little in the way of help medically but they can suggest euthanasia. This is just wrong. Everyone has the right to die at the appropriate time that God decides not that man decides. I sure hope that this law can be demolished it is so wrong. They suggest abortion at the beginning of Life and at the end of life they suggest euthanasia what a travesty Canada has become. We must get rid of our leaders and replace them with human beings that have a heart.

Paul Gosselin said...

You ask: "The real question is: Has the federal government recognized that their experiment with legalized euthanasia has failed and is now out-of-control?"

I'm VERY cynical about the present situation in Canada. Unfortunately I think the answer from the State to that question is: "No, all is going according to plan. All that is left to do is pretty up the stats so people won't get to excited". The Canadian medical system has been cozying up for a number of years now to the Nazi mindset regarding "non-productive people". One should remember that the baby steps to the Final Solution was the T4 program involving the active participation of the German medical system, killing off the "useless eaters"... One can see the SAME attitude in the Canadian State and medical system.

Elga said...

i so agree, thou shall not kill period,,, it is taking a soulexperience and so a spiritual,, an expansion of consciousness away from a soul that is big Karma,,,only Creator knows when the soul has completed its
mission,,,, it is part of a much larger agenda people use your brain

Kathy said...

This is such a travesty and a direct assault on God and his people. The arrogance that these disabled are "less than" How cavalier they suggest that a person be killed to rid the state of one less undesirable. Can't imagine the conversation at the end of their lives.

Unknown said...

Reply to Judy
Thanks for that , so true in a short 2 years our thinking about all these things is being changed to a "woke" culture
Maybe @ age 75 they will ask people to make "room" for others since this will be better for the climate

ironjustice said...

It's curious, a hypothesis, found in the Bible, bloodletting as the treatment for all disease, is short-shrifted, by Christian medical professionals, even though, phlebotomy, now known as iron reduction therapy, is being recommended for more diseases than any treatment in history.

"serum hyperviscosity should be added to the large list of causes altered mental status, especially of delirium"
“Serial phlebotomy works to reduce blood viscosity by hemodilution"
"higher total Hb, resulting in higher viscosity"