Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Dr Saba releases his book - Made To Live - in Romania.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Dr Paul Saba, the author of the book Made To Live, recently released his book in Romania.

Dr Saba launched his book Made To Live on Sept 15, 2020 in Canada and earlier this month Made To Live was released in Romania.

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An article in the Romanian Post titled: Canadian doctor, assisted by a lawyer from Oradea, fights with the government to dispel the myth of assisted suicide stated:

Dr. Paul Saba has made it his mission to oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide, he has lectured before the legislatures of New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York, before international forums in Rome, Reykjavik, Santiago, Tbilisi. Together with his lawyer, born in Oradea, Natalia Manole, the doctor also came to Oradea to make the world aware of “myths, manipulation and marketing of assisted death and that this law does not belong to our culture. It certainly has no place in our medical system.” 

Dr Paul Saba in Romania
In explaining the assisted suicide myths, Dr Saba stated:

one of the arguments used in favor of assisted suicide compares this act to the consent given to an operation. “Informed consent accepts death as a potential outcome, which is weighed against the patient’s willingness to take that risk. The error is that in the case of assisted suicide or euthanasia, death is not a risk, but a certainty,”

Another myth is that Canada is a progressive country that provides for the social and health needs of its citizens. Saba stated:

“The reality is that in Canada medical services are inadequate for many of its citizens. Many people do not have their basic needs met, including affordable housing and food. They want to live in dignity rather than die by euthanasia,”

A third myth that Saba outlined is that euthanasia is an extension of palliative care. Saba stated:

“The reality is that intentionally ending life is the exact opposite of palliative care, and is even used as a de facto alternative to palliative care.

Saba also dispelled the myth that if euthanasia is legalized that it will be restricted to only a few people. Saba referred to the data in Canada and Belgium.

Saba concluded his presentation by stating:

“Euthanasia and assisted suicide are not a solution to end-of-life care. People must be cared for, not killed”

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