Wednesday, July 13, 2022

The world wonders why Canada is euthanizing the poor.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Alex Lo
Alex Lo who is a columnist with the South China Morning Post wrote an article wondering why Canada is killing poor people by MAiD (euthanasia). 

Lo states that he is not religious and he supports MAiD for terminally ill people, but he finds recent Canadian cases as profoundly disturbing. 

Lo explains that Canada has developed a two tract MAiD system with the first tract for people whose natural death is deemed reasonably forseeable, and tract-two is for those who are living with an “intolerable” and “irreversible” illness, disease or disability, but who are not otherwise dying.

Lo writes:

Consider several tract-two cases this year. In February, the assisted death of a 51-year-old woman under MAiD became a first in the world for someone diagnosed with severe multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) because she could not afford housing that was free of chemicals such as cigarette smoke and air-fresheners.

In April, a 31-year-old Toronto woman was reportedly near final MAiD approval as she likewise suffered from MCS and couldn’t afford proper housing.

Meanwhile, Tracey Thompson, a former Toronto chef in her 50s, is applying for MAiD after contracting Covid-19 and being unable to work. Her most severe complications include reduced lung capacities leading to breathing problems and scars in her heart from swelling caused by myocarditis.

A 54-year-old Vancouver woman, suffering from myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome, is also currently applying for MAiD after amassing C$40,000 (HK$241,000) in debt she could not hope to repay.
Lo concludes by writing:
In April, The Spectator asked, “Why is Canada euthanising the poor?”; and The Guardian reported the following month: “Critics argue laws are being misused to punish the poor but experts say cases represent country’s failure to care for its most vulnerable citizens.”

Good question!
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