Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Terminally Ill Dying Out of Hopelessness and Abandonment.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Dr Chris Perry
Daniel Tang, reported for the Epoch Times that Dr Chris Perry, the President of the Queensland Australia Medical Association warned Queensland legislators who are debating euthanasia that terminally ill patients choose to “take poison” and die out of hopelessness or abandonment.

Tang reporting on a press conference stated:

Dr. Chris Perry said the euthanasia experience in Victoria, Canada, and Oregon in the United States—one of the earliest jurisdictions to legalise the practice—saw many candidates choose euthanasia because they felt trapped or incapacitated.
Perry stated that killing people who feel hopeless and neglected is not right:
“So, it’s not the right way to treat human beings; we should be treating human beings as we’d like to be treated with dignity and respect,”

“You don’t want people being feeling hopeless, and being neglected, not being well cared for, and ending up taking a drink which will result in them dying in 20 to 30 minutes,”
The Queensland government will likely vote on a bill to legalize euthanasia this week.

The Western Australian published an Editorial on May 22 urging the Queensland government to amend its euthanasia bill because it requires religiously affiliated medical institutions to be complicit with killing.


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