Friday, May 7, 2021

Canada's euthanasia lobby wants more death

Alex Schadenberg
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

An article published by Global News Edmonton is essentially promoting the fact that Bill C-7, which passed on March 17, allows more Canadians to die by euthanasia.

The article by Su-Ling Goh titled: Medical assistance in dying: Do doctors need to know more about Canada’s new law? follows the story of a woman who was not approved for euthanasia (MAiD) and then interviews Dr. Chantal Perrot, an advisor for a euthanasia lobby group.

The story concerns Shondra who was approved by one doctor to die by euthanasia but the second doctor decided that she wasn't sick enough.

Perrot who has not met Shondra, has assessed more than 100 people for "MAiD" in Ontario told Global News:
“I think a lot of people, including some MAID assessors and providers, mistakenly interpreted ‘reasonably foreseeable’ as you had to be terminal, within weeks or months of a natural death, and that’s not the case.”

The new law introduces a two-track approach — relaxing some rules for people whose death is relatively predictable, and adding safeguards for those whose death is not.
Bill C-7 removed the requirement that a person's natural death had to be reasonably foreseeable in order to die by lethal injection and it created a two-track law whereby people who are approaching death can be killed immediately while others who are not approaching death would be required to wait 90 days before being killed.

According to Goh, Shondra's reasons for wanting to die are not only based on her medical condition but also based on the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Goh reports Shondra as stating:
“I can’t go out. I’ve been secluded because of COVID(-19) for a year and a half, and it’s terrible when you’ve got to depend on strangers,” said Shondra.

The only people she sees are her home-care staff and grocery delivery people. She says she hasn’t left her apartment in over a year because she can’t get down the stairs with her walker.

The senior has considered jumping off her balcony, but would prefer to die peacefully.

“I want to get this pain over with. I want to rest in peace.”
Shondra is experiencing suicidal ideation related to loneliness and isolation. Shondra shouldn't be killed by lethal injection but rather Shondra needs a caring friend.

Sadly, if Perrot and the euthanasia lobby get involved, Shondra will not receive the care that she needs, but rather death.


Sean L. Tobin said...

I am curious. I follow the definition of life as stated by Saint Pope John Paul II, the Great. He stated that life is from the moment of birth to one's last breath by natural means. However, when my late wife suffered a brain aneurysm and after my oldest daughter arrived and had her private time with her mother, the doctors came to me and asked to perform another test. We left the room and waited until the doctors did what they had to do and returned to her bedside when they called for us. When all of the present children when in the room, the doctors informed the family that my dear wife was brain dead and not likely to recover. The doctors left the room while the children discussed the options. All of them knew that their mother would not want to be just laying there breathing by machines. They decided it was not what their mother would want and nodded to me to announce to the doctors their decision. I informed the doctors to turn off the life support machines. The family left the room while the nurses did what they had to do and then we returned. My dear wife fought on for 11 minutes. We did what we believed she would have wanted. To us, it was a natural death.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear Sean:

Your wife died a natural death

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with someone here. Your wife was kept alive by machines not by herself. When they turned off the machines she passed due to her own bodies inability to survive. Forcing an individual to inject another individual by lethal chemicals because their lonely is not only immoral, forcing another to commit the act but a poor excuse to commit suicide. Because let’s be honest that’s what this is, a law to allow people to kill themselves because they can’t face the reality of their situations. And unknowingly the people who’ve expanded this eugenics program have developed quite a familiar pattern from the past. What do they think, that this time it’ll be different because we know so much more. No no my friend human nature is still the same and what didn’t work for hitler will not work for us. And we are in a play by play of the same developing scenario. The real question I have is, who will they have as an excuse for all our problems this time. Probably the people who most oppose them and something tells me christians in Canada better be prepared. I don’t think we’ll see the gas chamber but I think they’ll pull children from their parents. Close churches and many other things they can think of to squash opposition. Unlikely? Well they did the same subtle easing into the eugenics program then.

Jeannette King said...

Shondra is isolated because of a condition obviously that has not been shared with you. Her diagnosis and prognosis do not need to be shared or made public. It's between her doctors and herself and is classified information. I signed up with Dying With Dignity when I got my brain death papers in 2007 for my inoperable untreatable brain tumor. No one has the right to tell me how long I have to take medications just to stick around here make pharmaceutical companies profits while patients are ignored by families and people use ableism to negotiate our lives. No one has the right to tell us what we can do with our lives. Caregivers can only come and go, some company we do not want to be surrounded by, especially if it is a contracted company.There comes a time when you all have to realize that some of us have been to the light we come back to tell you that it's better there, and here is nothing but a bunch of assholes treating us like shit.