Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Let's not romanticise the Dutch euthanasia experiment.

Theo Boer responds in the Irish Times to a letter from Corry de Jongh.

Professor Theo Boer
Sir, – I agree with Corry de Jongh that euthanasia is well-monitored in the Netherlands. In 1972 my own (Protestant) church was the first worldwide to support it. However, with hindsight, many regret supporting the law, including me. Since 2006, the numbers have increased incessantly. Last year 7,000 people received euthanasia, and in some neighbourhoods one in every five deaths is preceded by euthanasia. Is this the “last resort” we once advocated?

Given the excellent quality of palliative care in the Netherlands, there is only one explanation: supply creates demand.

Right-to-die societies have successfully made us believe that euthanasia is the most, if not only, dignified death. Let’s not romanticise the Dutch experiment. – Yours, etc,

(Professor of healthcare ethics, former member of a euthanasia review committee),
Groningen, The Netherlands.


marwen said...

Euthanasia is nothing more nor less than murder. It is not allowed and should never have even been introduced into society. God gave us ten Commandments and no euthanasia was included in there.

Voice of Gone Ballistic said...

Sounds like a move not to educate palliative care doctors.

see above said...

Baron Yves de Menten de Horne, Belgium

Assisted death (just like abortion) is, in my mind, a murderous criminal act. Life is sacred ! Thou shall not kill !

mem said...

That is my stand exactly