Thursday, September 10, 2020

Euthanasia advocate in France has resumed eating and drinking.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Alain Cocq, who was blocked by facebook earlier this week from live streaming his death, has changed his mind and has started eating and drinking. On Wednesday he said 
that he did not have the "capacity for the fight any more".

Mr. Cocq has been lobbying French legislators to legalize euthanasia. BBC news reported:
In July, he wrote to French President Emmanuel Macron, describing his "extremely violent suffering" and asking for permission to die "with dignity". 
Mr Macron said he was "moved" by the letter, but could not grant the request for euthanasia as he was "not situated above the law". 
"Your wish is to request active assistance in dying which is not currently permitted in our country," he said.
Last Saturday Mr Cocq announced that he ate his last meal and would livestream his death on facebook. The BBC news report stated:
"I know the days ahead are going to be difficult but I have made my decision and I am calm," he said. 
But Facebook on the same day blocked his plan to livestream himself slowly dying, stating that it did not allow portrayals of suicide.
On Monday, Mr Cocq was admitted to hospital because he was suffering from starvation and dehydration. On Wednesday he started eating again. BBC reported:
After eating again, Mr Cocq told AFP on Wednesday he would be allowed to return home in the next 10 days, where a medical team would be installed.
Mr Cocq health condition is difficult. We hope that he finds caring people to help him find the will to live.

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