Thursday, September 17, 2020

Book: Made To Live. A personal and professional story. Purchase today.

Dr Saba is a Canadian hero. During the euthanasia debate, in Québec and nationally in Canada, Dr Saba not only spoke up and wrote briefs that were submitted to the committees, Dr Saba also launched a court case challenging the validity of the law.

Dr Paul Saba launched his book Made To Live on Sept 15, 2020 (Link to the book launch webinar).

Made To Live tells some of that story, but most of all Made To Live focuses on personal stories and experiences in his family and professional life.

Purchase Made To Live from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition for $25 + GST ($26.25)(includes shipping) (Link).

The book starts with the story of his youngest daughter, Jessica, who was identified in-utero with significant heart issues. Many specialists told them that their child would not survive or if she survived her life or health would be significantly compromised.

Dr Saba and his wife believe in life and decided that they would do everything to help their daughter.

The Made To Live trailer video focuses on Jessica's story: (Link).

Dr Saba also writes about other medical experiences in his professional life. A patient who came to him who had been misdiagnosed and believed he was dying of cancer, a woman who had tried several treatments for cancer and was giving up, but is alive today because Dr Saba helped give her hope and more.

I personally found the book to be profound as Dr Saba shares stories and experiences in a well written human fashion. This book gives personal experiences as to why we must oppose killing.

We are Made to Live.

Nancy Elliott
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition USA
"Dr. Paul Saba’s personal journey to save life demonstrates his caring heart not only for his family but all those around him in the world whom he considers part of his extended family. He recognizes assisted suicide and euthanasia are neither caring nor compassionate. "
— Dr. Gordon Macdonald
CEO, Care Not Killing, London, UK
"In Made to Live, Dr. Paul Saba has provided a timely reminder of the underlying principles of medicine, which are to heal, promote health, and alleviate suffering, and to resist the temptation of killing the patient. Outlining his personal, family, and professional struggles to resist pressure coming from within the medical profession to take human life rather than preserve and cherish it, he provides valuable insight into the dangers posed to true medicine by the corrupting influence of the spread of euthanasia and assisted suicide. With reference to the history of the euthanasia movement, he shows that it is fundamentally opposed to the principles of medicine."
Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
"I consider Dr. Paul Saba to truly be a canary in the coal mine, alerting the world about the fatal flaws associated with euthanasia and assisted suicide.... This book is an incredible addition to the arsenal of data and stories upholding the value of human life and enunciating why killing people is not only bad public policy but simply wrong."
Purchase Made To Live from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition for $25 + GST ($26.25)(includes shipping) (Link).

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