Monday, March 17, 2014

Nancy Elliott: why euthanasia should be rejected in Quebec. Dr Paul Saba: doctors will leave Quebec if euthanasia is legalized.

The following article was published on March 17 by CTV news.
Nancy Elliott

The provincial election has put the provincial government's euthanasia bill on the back burner, but a a group of doctors wants to remind the public about what it believes are the risks of Bill 52.

Doctors for Social Justice was joined by former state of New Hampshire representative Nancy Elliott to speak about why legislators in her state recently rejected its own assisted suicide bill.

Elliott said there are many similarities between the two proposed acts of legislation.

She said many lawmakers felt there was a risk of increased abuse of seniors, and the disabled as well as the possibility of misdiagnosis leading to medically assisted suicide.

Dr Paul Saba
Dr. Paul Saba, head of Doctors of Social Justice said if the government were to pass the bill physicians would leave Quebec.
"For some doctors who will say no we cannot be accomplices to this, will not practise under those conditions," said Dr. Saba.
Last year the World Medical Association adopted a motion saying physician-assisted suicide is unethical and must be condemned by the medical profession.

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