Friday, October 4, 2013

Netherlands euthanasia statistics should serve as a warning to Quebec, France and to the states in America considering assisted suicide

The following article was published by OneNewsNow on October 4, 2013.

Don't say you weren't warned about euthanasia.

The Netherlands has recorded increases annually in euthanasia since it was legalized, and 2012 was no different: a 13-percent increase representing three percent of all deaths in the country. Fifty-five people with dementia or other psychiatric conditions died by euthanasia, including those with depression.

Alex Schadenberg
Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition tells OneNewsNow what's important, too, is what is not reported.
“What is missing is that in the major report that was done in 2010, which was a meta-analysis, they found that 23 percent of all the euthanasia deaths in the Netherlands were not reported,” says Schadenberg. 
“So therefore this is only the reported deaths. It's not the unreported deaths obviously, so therefore if you look at the total number of deaths it's much higher than that.”
“What's very important is since 2006 the number of euthanasia deaths has more than doubled,” said Schadenberg
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Rob Jonquière, Amsterdam said...

Dear Alex - It is important to be absolutely clear in your facts: the number of reported cases (4188) are of euthanasia (3965) AND PHYSICIAN ASSISTED SUICIDE (185; with another 38 cases using a combination of E and PAS) together. Unless of course you use a different definition for assisted suicide (like the one you use for euthanasia), but then you compare aples (your figures) with apples (Dutch). Rob

Alex Schadenberg said...

Thank you Rob.

I will change the article whereby I report the official numbers.